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The 2017 has been a year of collaboration and network growth for the Millenium Technology Center. After the partnership signed with Gabriele Bruni, Giuseppe Leonardi and Roberto Spata, Marco Giannoni has joined the Millenium family.

The values that drove the development of the highly skilled network of sales and customer support are made in Italy, a 360 degrees’ customer service and the development of cutting edge technologies, which are the core values of the company. The last step of the strategy is the partnership with Marco Giannoni, which brings an important technological contribution thanks to his experience as professional sailor, with a remarkable participation in the America’s Cup with il Moro di Venezia, and thanks to the manufacturing in his sailmaker company.

Thanks to this partnership, Giannoni joins the technical and sport team of the Millenium Technology Center and his company will sell Millenium® Archè and Millenium® Monolithic sails and it will produce dacron and one design sails up to 30 feet, with a focus on gand prix and mega yachts programs.

Giannoni comments “There are different reasons that motivated me to work with the Millenium Technology Center and all are intuitive. I have collaborated with the Center for thirty years and I worked there as employee from 1985 to 1987. I shared the experience of il Moro di Venezia with Davide Innocenti from 1989 to 1992 as we both were part of the team. Therefore, the respect between skilled people is at the heart of this partnership. I expect this union to lead to technological advances, thanks to the mutual synergies that we can harness.”

MARCO GIANNONI, is sailmaker of extensive experience and professional sailor since 1987. He sailed in national and international regattas in different classes (Finn, Contender, 470, FD; offshore races: IOR, ILC, IMS, IRC). In 1990 he closed his sailmaker company activity, the Star Sails in Lido Camaiore, to participate in America’s Cup in San Diego with il Moro di Venezia, which reached the finals and won the Louis Vuitton Cup. In 1994 he reopened the company, named Euro Sails at first and then Be1 Sails in 2008.

For further information:

Marco Giannoni
Mob. +39 333 8500645

Veleria Marco Holm S.r.l.
Via dei Confini 285
50010 Capalle (FI)
Phone +39 055 8951219
Fax +39 055 8952634

Portopiccolo Maxi Race and Bernetti Cup 2017

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Portopiccolo Sistiana, October 4, 2017. The Portopiccolo Maxi Race 2017 and the 46th Edition of the Bernetti Cup have just ended. The Portopiccolo Maxi Race is organized by the Portopiccolo Yacht Club: maxi yachts and great crews took part in the regattas in a wonderful scenery. The Bernetti Cup is organised by the Società Nautica Pietas Julia and this year counted 174 entrants.

Three days of great performance with the strongest Italian, Slovenian and Croatian sailing teams. Two yachts with Millenium sails stood out in the race: E_vai, Mylius 76 owned by Gabriele Lualdi and Take Five Jr, Italia Yachts 9.98 owned by Brenno Dal Pont.

E_vai won in regatta category and ranked 4° in the general results at the Portopiccolo Maxi Race.

Take Five Jr ranked 2° ORC e 2° in ORC C category at the Bernetti Cup. On board also Davide Innocenti from the Millenium Technology Center.

Appointment on Sunday with the awaited Barcolana in Trieste!

Congratulations to the owners and the crews for the excellent results!

Ph. Andrea Carloni & Moreno Faina

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup: two yachts on the podium for Millenium

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Porto Cervo, September 14, 2017. An amazing show took place in Porto Cervo for the 28 Edition of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup. The regatta is organized by the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, with the Title sponsor Rolex and the International Maxi Association.

The Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup took place from September 4 to 9 but we had to wait a few days until the publication of the overall results of the Mini Maxi RC category. Two are the yachts with Millenium sails on the podium: Shrilaf, Swan 65 owned by Giuseppe Puttini, which ranked 2nd in the overall MMRC category, and Lunz Am Meer, Swan 651 owned by Marietta Gräfin Strasoldo which ranked 3rd.

During the race, the 15 yachts of the MMRC category started together and sailed on the same race course (five coastal trials). However, the general results were not published, despite the indications of the notice of race. Moreover, these results were not taken into consideration during the award ceremony. The first three boat in the overall results correspond with the boats of the Mini Maxi RC2 category, which is the category of Shirlaf and Lunz Am Meer.

Giuseppe Puttini and the Red Devil Sailing Team on board of Shirlaf were pleased with the result, as a Swan 65 of the 1976 defeated more modern and technological yachts like Supernikka, Vismara 62 Mills (4th in MMRC) and Wallyno, Wally 80 (5th in MMRC), that ranked respectively 1st and 2nd in MMRC1 category.

Shirlaf also won the Swan Maxi Cup, reassigned after the publication of the general results. Giuseppe Puttini exhorted the organization to modify the categories in light of the next editions, to make them more homogeneous.

“A category for “classic” boats would be the right solution and it would make regattas more spectacular”

he comments.
Shirlaf is fully powered by Millenium® Archè Carbon technology.

“We have worked together with Millenium for 6 years and the results were always excellent. After 2-3 inventories realized with Millenium, I can say that the technology together with the perfect customer support and the great team contributed to the success of this yacht”

Puttini states.

Congratulations also to the owners and the crews of other yachts with Millenium sails: the Prototype Adelasia di Torres owned by Renato Azara, the Farr 70 Atalanta II owned by Carlo Alessandro Puri Negri, the Vallicelli 80 Wizard owned by Sevi Fruscella and the Vismara 62 Mills Yoru owned by Luigi Sala.

Marco Holm, Davide Innocenti and Matteo Holm of the Millenium Technology Center participated in the regattas respectively on board of Lunz Am Meer, Shirlaf e Yoru.

Ph. Max Ranchi & Studio Borlenghi


Mascalzone Latino is ORC 2017 World Champion

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Porto San Rocco (Muggia – Trieste), July 9, 2017. Vincenzo Onorato and his Mascalzone Latino team are celebrating on the Cookson 50, after winning the ORC World Championship for Class A, with last year’s winner – Vadim Yakimenko’s Russo-French team on Freccia Rossa – earning Silver medals.

A great result for Onorato, which wins his second World title in offshore races. The first one was seventeen years ago in Newport in 2000. Between these two titles there are other five different World Championships won (in teams and with Mumm 30 and Farr 40 monotypes), thus reaching seven World titles in total.

This 19th Edition of the ORC World Championship was particularly hard and technical, with an exciting finale to a week of mostly light air sailing. Yachts and teams capable of sailing well in light winds were finally awarded. 115 entries from 19 countries competed at the ORC Worlds Trieste 2017 and 17 entries in Class A. After the offshore races that took place on Monday and Thursday, the Mascalzone Latino team competed in the inshore races, with a final day of great suspense. As a matter of fact, overall class winners were not decided until the last race in all classes last Saturday.

After the outstanding result at the 2016 Rolex Middle Sea Race, with the overall victory, and at the 2015 Rolex Middle Sea Race, with a second place for only 9 seconds, Vincenzo Onorato and his team went in Trieste with clear plans and so it was. On Onorato’s team were numerous top Italian sailors, including: Lorenzo Bressani and Stefano Ciampalini from Trieste, Andrea Ballico, Lorenzo De Felice, Francesco Mongelli, Leonardo Chiarugi, Matteo Savelli, Filippo La Mantia, Davide Scarpa, Daniele Fiaschi and Pietro Manunta. From the rubber boat Marco Savelli, long-time team coach and sail design for Mascalzone Latino and sails’ performance specialist and Monolithic project manager at the Millenium Technology Center.
The Cookson 50, which is the biggest yacht of the Mascalzone Latino fleet, has Millenium pat pending Monolithic full inventory. The sails were entirely designed and built in Italy, in the Florence facilities of the Millenium Technology Center.

World Champion in other classes are: the Swan 42 “Be Wild” owned by Renzo Grottesi in Class B and the Melges 32 “Airis” owned by Cesare Bressan in Class C. Three World titles won by Italian yachts, which confirm the leadership in ORC regattas.

The next appointments for Mascalzone Latino Cookson 50 are the Volvo Hong Kong to Vietnam Race in Hong Kong and the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, two months after.
For further information: Mascalzone Latino

To see all the results: ORC Worlds Trieste 2017

Solaris Days & Solaris Cup 2017: Millenium Monolithic proves again its high performance

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The annual appointment with the Solaris Days ends today in Porto Rotondo (Sardinia), where Solaris models are available for sea trials.

With a record number of participant, this year 34 Solaris between 37 and 72 feet take part in the event, with 12 models with Millenium sails. Yachts came from six countries (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain and Spain) for the annual meeting and for the Solaris Cup regatta.

Great result for the Millenium team, which ranked second on the Solaris 42 “Swiss Nautic II”, Millenium Monolithic inventory.

For further information: Solaris Yachts


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The Millenium Technology Center grows its family, starting a collaboration with Roberto Spata’s company, the “New Wind”. This partnership is fully in line with the Millenium strategy, which aims at offering an optimal customer service.

The new collaboration has just started and the Millenium Technology Center is improving the customer service thanks to the consultancy of Roberto Spata, which has an extensive experience as racer and sailing specialist and whose professionalism is universally recognized in the sailing sector.

“These partnerships are in complete accordance with our business philosophy.” commented Marco Holm and Davide Innocenti from the Millenium Technology Center “Our mission includes a 360 degrees’ customer service, therefore we collaborate with high skilled consultants like Roberto Spata, whose expertise will be valuable for our company”.

Yacht owners can ask for consultancy on the following issues:

– On-board courses on the fine-tuning of the mast. In this way the owner can proceed independently;
– Training courses for the crew;
– Training courses on sails trimming;
– Consultancy on Yacht Rating Certificates;
– Feedback about on-board sails;
– Availability to race on board the yacht;
– Consultancy on electronics.

ROBERTO SPATA started racing in 1972, winning the Italian Championship in Laser Class and has joined the Italian team for 6 years. From 1986 he has sailed in offshore regattas on all kinds of yacht in IOR, IMS, ORC and IRC Classes. He won:
– 19 Italian Championships;
– 6 European Championships;
– 6 World Championships in one design and offshore Classes.
He has sailed as steersman, tactician, strategist and mainsail trimmer and he has always fine-tuned the sails and the yacht.
In 2003 he founded the New Wind, which is a trade and consulting company. Customers are both yacht owners and shipyards, collaborating with the latter in building some of the most important yachts. New Wind provides its expertise to meet specific demand of owners of both racing and cruising yachts.

For further information:

New Wind
Via V. Veneto 2
22079 Villa Guardia (CO) – Italy
Tel. / Fax +39 031 563954
Mob. +39 335 6645553

Veleria Marco Holm S.r.l.
Via dei Confini 285
50010 Capalle (FI)
Tel. +39 055 8951219
Fax +39 055 8952634



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The 2017 too is a year of innovations for the Millenium Technology Center. After growing the team in January, the Center expands and renovates the products range, creating a new brand for its historic products: Millenium® Archè. Archè is not just a new name, because it employs a new productive process and new materials. The Center also renovates the Millenium® Monolithic products range, thanks to the technological advances resulting from the Research & Development activity.

Millenium® Archè
Just like for Greek philosophers Archè means origin, first principle or root of things that exist (from Greek ἀρχή, that stands for beginning), Millenium® Archè is the genesis of our sailmaker company. A new name for an historic product, which synthetizes the intensive Research & Development activity in one-piece lamination, pioneered by our company from the 80’. As yachts construction techniques advanced, the Millenium Technology Center revolutionized the italian sailmaking market in 1983, patenting and introducing in worldwide regatta fields “Tape Drive”, the first Made in Italy glued sail with continuous fibers. A baseline technology, perfected in 2005 with the Millenium patent, which enables the construction of the world’s unique sail in one piece with no size limit through a process of die casting.
Millenium® Archè thus synthetizes decades of technological innovations, the team experience and passion and embodies the original company philosophy, which express the will to continuously innovate the product to offer our customers the best sails possible, performing and advanced. Archè is not just a new name: the continuous technical innovation lead to a new productive process, which employs new materials and new methods to assemble them. Thanks to the studies implemented by the Millenium engineers, the research activity in the supply chain and the partnership with our suppliers, today Millenium® Archè is built with new machineries, which allow a higher pressure and temperature in the lamination process. A completely renewed sail, more flexible and resistant, with a new anti UV film that ensure the maximum protection. A further innovation is the high modulus carbon layout, which gave birth to ARCHÈ BLACK HM CARBON, a totally new product built with black film 100% protected from UV and abrasion.
The Millenium® Archè products range includes various products: Archè Endurance, Archè Technora / Black Aramidic, Archè Carbon and the new Archè Black HM carbon. The products range coincides with the wide selection of fiber yarns available: Carbon, Aramid, Polyethylene and a combination of them. Sail skins can be specified from “UV RESISTANT” Film-on-Film to Single or Double Sided taffeta in a variety of colours. Taffetas are pre-bonded to the substrates and become integral part of the laminate in the fusion process. There is neither heat moulding nor plastic deformation of the materials, broadseaming is induced by the conventional way. Yarns are laid continuously from corner to corner, crosscut seams are totally unloaded, making the sail light, strong and crushproof. Millenium® Archè has no size limit and holds the world record for the biggest one-piece sails ever built: the Code#1 for the Wally Yachts 143-footer “Esense”, which has a luff length of nearly 52 meters, and the mainsail for the J class “Shamrock”, which is 462 square meters.

Millenium® Monolithic
Millenium® Monolithic is the most advanced sailmaking technology on the market, built with unidirectional spread fibers. The spread fibers technique allows to spread out the individual filament bundle (yarn) of Carbon, PBO or Twaron to produce a 100% balanced structure.
Millenium® Monolithic was launched after two years of Research and Development and three years of sails trials and the products range today includes two products: MILLENIUM® MONOLITHIC HP (HIGH PERFORMANCE), formed of “spread fibers” in Carbon and Twaron, and MILLENIUM® MONOLITHIC GP (GRAN PRIX), formed of “spread fibers” in Zylon® (PBO), Carbon and Twaron.
The exclusive feature of Millenium® Monolithic GP is the employment of Zylon® (PBO), while Carbon and Twaron fibers decrease in percentage. Zylon® (PBO) has a very high modulus, twice the Twaron one. Using Zylon® (PBO) makes the profile more rigid and more crushproof, ensuring the best shape-holding and flexibility. Zylon® (PBO) is completely protected from UV and saltiness, allowing the fiber to keep the original characteristics without deterioration.

Millenium: the team is growing in 2017

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The Millenium Technology Center starts the new year growing its family, thus increasing the level of expertise and experience and consolidating its leadership in the European sailmaking market.

With important victories and an extensive experience in America’s Cup and Olympic classes, Gabriele Bruni (“Ganga”) and Giuseppe Leonardi (“Paletta”) join the Millenium team. Along with Marco Holm, Davide Innocenti, Marco Savelli, Gianni Benassai, Matteo Holm and Roberto Magliulo, a team like this is one of a kind for a single sailmaker company.

“This is another important step in the Made in Italy-oriented strategy of the Center” commented Marco Holm and Davide Innocenti from the Millenium Technology Center, “the Made in Italy value has always distinguished our company philosophy. Gabriele and Giuseppe will be valuable partners thanks to their expertise and the company will improve its relationship with yachts owners.”

The Made in Italy value is one of the resons that motivated Gabriele Bruni and Giuseppe Leonardi to join the Millenium team:

“There are two main reasons that motivated us to work with the Millenium Technology Center. First, the people who established and managed the company have an extensive experience. They have participated in the main boat races for many years and their professionalism is widely recognized, both in Italy and abroad. Second, Millenium Tech is an Italian company and it produces authentic Made in Italy products, where craftsmanship and customization are the most important features. Other brands in the Italian market are American, English or New Zealander and they distribute their sails through Italian sailmakers or stores. The Millenium Technology Center is an example of authentic Italian firm, which stood out in a market where competitors are international. People who got to know us are aware of the fact that we support our products and sailors in the nautical industry.
Millenium sails are beautiful, the product is one of the best in the market and the company is really close to the customers. The range of products is wide, they are suitable for every kind of yacht and the team continuously managed to be at the leading edge of innovation. In other words, Millenium Tech has a highly expert staff and owns the best sailmaking innovative technologies. The results at the latest Italian and international regattas proved that.”

GABRIELE BRUNI was born in Palermo and is sailor and sailmaker of extensive experience. He sailed in the Olympic games from 1996 to 2004 and he was World Champion in 49 Class. He participated in the America’s Cup from 2005 to 2007 in the +39 Challenge Italian Team while in 2009 and 2010 he took part in the Louis Vuitton Cup in the Azzurra Italian Team. Gabriele has also worked as a sail coach for the Italian Optimist Team (1993-1995) and for Nacra 17 for the Italian Olimpic Sailing Team (2012-2016).

GIUSEPPE LEONARDI is also from Palermo and has 30 years of experience in sailing. Sailor and sailmakers, he participated in all of the main international inshore, offshore and one design regattas. In particular, he took part in: America’s Cup (Prada Italian Team in 2003 and +39 Challenge Italian Team in 2006), Mumm 36 World Championship, Farr 40 circuit, Skifft 18-feet circuit, Mumm 30 circuit, TP 52 circuit (Audi Team from 2006 to 2009), GP 42 circuit (Roma Team in 2009), Louis Vuitton Pacific Series (Shosholosa Team in 2009), Macht racing world tour, Sidney Hobart, Middle sea race, Rc 44 (Italia Team) and Sardinia cup.

For further information:

Due PG s.r.l.
Via Papa Sergio 72 int 8
90142 Palermo
Tel e fax: +39 0916374471

Marco Holm S.r.l. Sailmaker
Via dei Confini 285
50010 Capalle
Tel +39 055 8951219
Fax +39 055 8952634


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It was a long wait for the official results of the 37th edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race but finally Mascalzone Latino and Cippa Lippa 8 triumphed. They both have Millenium Monolithic sails, the world’s only patent that enables to build sails in one piece with spread fibers technology

Malta, October 27, 2016. The Middle Sea Race of the two Italian Cookson 50, Mascalzone Latino owned by Vincenzo Onorato e Cippa Lippa 8 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci, was amazing as predicted. Mascalzone Latino wins the race, taking revenge on the second place (for only 9 seconds) of last year, while Cippa Lippa 8 is second in IRC overall and first in ORC overall.
Among the others sailing boats with Millenium sails Scricca and Lunz Am Meer gain a good position.
Scricca is third in IRC Class 6 and second in ORC Class 6, while Lunz Am Meer is second in ORC Class 3.

The boys of Mascalzone Latino finished the race after 3 days, 3 hours, 8 minutes and 3 seconds, crossing the finish line as 5th. This is a great time, considering the light wind and the fact that they had a great advantage over the other boats.

“It was a beautiful race” commented Marco Savelli, which is coach and responsible of the sails’ program of Mascalzone Latino and sails’ performance specialist and Monolithic project manager at the Millenium Technology Center, “we are really pleased with the speed of the boat and with how the team worked. We changed the sails about twenty times to take advantage of the wind changing conditions, without any hitches. The Millenium Monolithic genoa medium was used with more than 25 knots.”

The IRC fleet had 94 participants and Mascalzone Latino beat also longer boats in real time, for example the Botin 65 “Caro” owned by Maximilian Klink. Mascalzone Latino finished two days ago, but it was necessary to wait that Artie and Foggy Dew crossed the finish line yesterday afternoon to announce the victory.

The team
This race crew is a mix of Italians and British sailors who have raced all over the world under the Mascalzone Latino banner and with great success. In the absence of owner, Vincenzo Onorato, the boat was skippered this year by Matteo Savelli. The afterguard includes Marco and Matteo Savelli, Adrian Stead, Lorenzo Bressani, Branko Brcin and Ian Moore. The other members of the crew are Leonardo Chiarugi, Andrea Ballico, Pierluigi De Felice, Daniele Fiaschi, Stefano Ciampalini and Davide Scarpa.

After a successful season (for example the 151 Miglia race and the Tre Golfi race), the Cookson 50 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci wins the ORC overall category and is second in IRC overall. Matteo Holm, sails’ performance specialist at the Millenium Technology Center on board Cippa Lippa 8 commented:

“It was a tricky Rolex Middle Sea Race. The first part of the race was really difficult and we changed the sails many times, using all the sails’ full set. In the second part, we sailed close to the wind with 25 knots and we used Millenium Monolithic mainsail and jib, sailing really fast. I am impressed with Monolithic, which proved to be a fast and reliable product. We are really happy about the result, which comes at the end of an amazing season!”

The team
Guido Paolo Gamucci (owner), Francesco Diddi (skipper), Matteo Holm, Roberto Spata, Andrea Caracci, Carlo Simoncelli, Massimo Segnini, Andrea Venezian, Giuseppe Incatasciato, Lorenzo Garosi, Gian Grasso, Davide Rosa and Nicola Stedile.

Monohull Line Honours to Rambler 88 owned by George David (2 days, 14 hours, 3 minutes and 26 seconds) while the Multihull Line Honours goes to Maserati owned by Giovanni Soldini, which beats Phaedo3 owned by Lloyd Thornburg. In fact, because of a navigation error Phaedo3 rounded Linosa island instead of Lampedusa. Maserati also set a new record for Multihull category (the previous was set by Phaedo3), finishing the race in 2 days, 1 hour, 25 minutes and 1 second.

The Rolex Middle Sea Race was an important testbed also for the Millenium Technology Center, which confirms the high performance of Millenium Monolithic.
The staff of the Technology Center congratulates and thanks the owners and the crews for the outstanding results.

Ph. Rolex/Kurt Arrigo

37th Edition of Rolex Middle Sea Race: the boats with Millenium sails

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October 21, 2016, Malta. The great show of the 2016 Rolex Middle Sea Race will starting tomorrow at 11 am at La Valletta Harbour, with a fleet of 112 entrants. The Rolex Middle Sea Race is organized by the Royal Malta Yacht Club and it is one of the most beautiful and challenging regattas of the Mediterranean. With its 609 nautical mile, it is also the longest boat race in the Mediterranean, in a unique and extraordinaire landscape.

The best of the offshore sailing boats is in Malta: 112 yachts (the record was 122 in 2014), representing 25 Countries. The Italian fleet is the biggest, with 26 sailing boats, followed by Russia and Great Britain. Among the Italian fleet, an amazing duel will be the one between the two Cookson 50, which are Cippa Lippa 8 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci and Mascalzone Latino owned by Vincenzo Onorato. Both the yachts have Millenium sails and they will sail for the IRC Overall victory. Below there are the details of the boats with Millenium sails:

CIPPA LIPPA 8 (Sail No.: ITA-4888), Cookson 50 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci – Classes: IRC Class 1, ORC  Class 2 (Millenium full inventory)

JUNOPLANO (Sail No.: ITA 13499), Open 60 owned by Michele Pennelli – Classes: ORC Class 2 (Millenium full  inventory)

LUNZ AM MEER (Sail No.: AUT2895), Swan 651 owned by Marietta Strasoldo – Classes: IRC Class 4, ORC Class 3  (Millenium full inventory)

MASCALZONE LATINO (Sail No.: ITA 14909), Cookson 50 owned by Vincenzo Onorato – Classes: IRC Class 2,  ORC Class 2 (Millenium full inventory)

ROSALBA (Sail No.: GBR10), Imoca 60 owned by Riccardo Pavoncelli – Classes: IRC Class 1, Imoca 60 (Millenium  partial inventory)

SCIARA Aeronautica Militare (Sail No.: ITA 4741), First 44.7 owned by Filippo Massimo Lancellotti – Classes:  IRC Class 5, Double Handed IRC (Millenium full inventory)

SCRICCA (Sail No.: ITA31041), Comet 38S owned by Leonardo Servi – Classes: IRC Class 6, ORC Class 6  (Millenium full inventory)

Starting from Grand Harbour, boats will sail a course leaving to port the Island of Sicily, the Aeolian Islands (including Strombolicchio), the Egadi Islands (except Marettimo Island), Pantelleria and Lampedusa Islands, through the South Comino Channel, keeping Malta to starboard, to the finish line in Marsamxett Harbour.

The weather conditions might facilitate a new record, established by the Maxi “Rambler” owned by George David in 2007, which is 1day, 23hours, 55mins 3secs. In fact, the wind from South-East will be around 21 knots with peaks of 26 knots. “Rambler” is still the favourite for the Line Honour, established also last year.

For further information: Rolex Middle Sea Race