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Il nostro team di ricerca e sviluppo ha messo a punto e testato un nuovo JIB light MILLENIUM a Copenaghen sull X 41 “TECHNICOL.”

Le modifiche applicate rispetto alle precedenti laminazioni sono state le seguenti:

Films più leggeri e morbidi
Minori quantita’ di termoplastico
Fili in carbonio ad alto modulo di minor spessore.

Il timoniere Mati Sepp  ha potuto verificare un miglioramento delle prestazioni rispetto
al precedente JIB light, sempre costruito con tecnologia MILLENIUM.

La nuova vela ha aiutato TECHNICOL a piazzarsi al secondo posto su una flotta di 9, molto competitivi, X 41.

Duvetica e Millenium conquistano il titolo Italiano Assoluto Orci 1a classe C

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L’imbarcazione Arya 415 Duvetica White Goose di Sergio Quirino Valente, completamente equipaggiata con vele Millenium ha raggiunto il vertice del Campionato Italiano Assoluto nelle acque di Marina di Ravenna, dove dal 23 al 27 luglio si sono assegnati i titoli 2013.
L’imbarcazione si è distinta in tutte le condizioni di vento e alla fine ha meritatamente conquistato l’ambito trofeo.
Ringraziamo l’armatore e il suo equipaggio per la fiducia riservata al nostro innovativo prodotto.

Le vele di Duvetica sono tutte MILLENIUM con layout 100% carbonio. I film sono di nuova concezione,  realizzati con speciali trattamenti anti UV. Tutti le vele realizzate con tecnologia MILLENIUM vengono prodotte al 100% dalla nostra struttura di Firenze, quindi si tratta di prodotto al 100% made in Italy.

Millenium ai vertici delle classifiche internazionali sia nei monotipi che nelle classi a rating.

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Dal 18 al 20 luglio si è svolto in Danimarca a Copenhagen, con l’organizzazione del Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub, il Campionato Europeo X-41.
Tre giorni di regate caratterizzate da vento medio forte che hanno visto l’X-41 Premium dell’armatore Priit Tammemägi (EST) conquistare il secondo posto alle spalle di Normet (FIN).
L’X-41 Premium è equipaggiato con un full set di vele MILLENIUM carbon che si sono rivelate molto efficienti nell’aria fresca della capitale danese dove l’imbarcazione ha sempre ben risposto alle difficili condizioni del vento, molto rafficato, con forti variazioni di intensità.

In Svezia al Campionato Europeo ORCi ancora un secondo posto per l’X-41 Premium dell’armatore Priit Tammemägi (EST) nella classe 2 e un secondo posto per il Coockson 50 Camilla di Ole Martin Vordahl (NOR) nella classe 1.
Tutte e due le imbarcazioni con un full set di vele MILLENIUM carbon.
Erano 60 le barche provenienti da 8 Paesi arrivate a Sanhamn, suggestiva isola dell’Arcipelago nel Mar Baltico per prendere parte all’Avantime ORCi European Offshore Championship, organizzato dal Royal Swedish YC (KSSS). Il Campionato si è svolto dal 5 al 10 agosto.

Millenium: 30 thousand miles, and not feeling them!

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The Class 40′ “Solidaires en Peloton”, a Kiwi 40FC launched in 2011, has finished her Transat Jacques Vabre in a honorable 11th place, after a long technical stopover she was forced to in the first days of the race.
The 2 skippers,Victorien Erussard and Thibaud Vauchel-Camus, have used mostly three sails: a mainsail, jib and a code 0 which had seen over 30.000 miles navigation allready.
These sails build by Wittevrongel sailmakers using  the latest MILLENIUM film on film skins’ technology (the most UV, environmental and mechanical agents resistant ever), have proven that taffetas can be effectively eliminated from offshore sails.
Our warmest congratulations go to the crew for the great result!


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The restless research activity of the Millenium Technological Pole has achieved two very interesting results for 2014, which will implement the creative and innovative solutions already offered. These new products will line up with Millenium and Monolithic, the confirmed leaders in super high tech sail construction.

The Millenium Technological Pole, throught their continuous experimenting, elected this innovative product as the optimal choice for light headsails and code zeros.
Using Endumax UHMWPE fiber laminated in very thin sandwiches we have improved the performances of light air sails and sensibly increased their durability at the same time.
Millenium Light Booster is specially suitable for yachts 20′ to 50′. Above this size, the results of test we made in cooperation with professional sailing crews lead us to confirm that carbon fiber is still the best choice for any type of sail.

This product, available today after a complex experimental activity, brought great satisfaction to our Millenium team: we have finally managed to produce a high quality, high performance sail at a very affordable price!
The Millenium Technological Pole made it possible by combining:
– Teijin’s UHMWPE fiber (Endumax)
– anti-UV treated films
– custom ultralight taffetas
The final result is an aesthetically attractive product, soft at touch and quite light. We recommend its use for yachts up to 40′

The whole technology and know-how of the Millenium Technological Pole is made available to all innovative sailmakers who will decide to offer sails based on the exclusive Millenium membranes to their customers.

Millenium wins in Phuket (Thailand)

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The TP52 “One Sails”, equipped with an inventory built and designed in Sydney by Ben De Coster has won the prestigious King’s Cup in Phuket.

The sails, based on Millenium carbon membranes by our Tech Research Pole have shown superior performance, allowing the Australian TP to dominate a very competitive fleet. The skipper, Ray Roberts, declared that “the state of the art technology and design of our One Sails are the key of our success”.

The King’s Cup in Phuket is the most famous regatta in Asia. It has been ran for the first time in 1987 to celebrate the King’s 60th birthday, and the event has quickly become a fixed appointment for racers all around the continent. It is held every year, on the first week of December.

Our warmest congratulations go to Ray Roberts and his crew for the brilliant achievement!

ARCI Mini 650: a fine second place for Sideral 857

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Talamone, Double-handed ARCI MINI 2014, MN 170. Circolo della Vela Talamone.
Closing the first regatta of the season with a near win in the waters off the Tuscan coastline, Sideral 857 is well on the way to qualifying for the 2015 Minitransat 6.50 solo transatlantic yacht race.
After a hotly contested struggle for the lead, Sideral 857 skippers Andrea Fornaro and Raffaele Fredella eventually finished a close second behind Andrea Pendibene, Italian navy mini-class specialist and Giovana Valsecchi, although the talented Tuscan team have every reason to be satisfied with their performance considering the fact that their boat was rigged for completely different weather conditions and that, despite the light breezes and frequent calms, they chased first place throughout the race, holding off the competition for long periods of the regatta.
Indeed, throughout an opening beat accompanied by a steady Force 4–5 breeze, Sideral maintained a lengthy advantage over the rest of the fleet, a result which can be considered a fair indicator of her potential position at the end of the qualifying campaign.

Especially designed by Millenium, the entire set of sails used by Sideral 857 has been carefully created using the very latest techniques and materials.

A clearly defined square top sail with round fibreglass batons for lightness and strength, this sail uses lightweight finishes and materials to retain the original shape of the sail even when reefed, not an infrequent occurrence in Mini 6.50 racing. The result is a high performance yet stable sail, especially designed to facilitate quick and easy reefing with the ever-troublesome problem of wear and tear on baton pockets being avoided by the use of double luff tapes.

An interesting challenge for the Millenium sail designers, as the shape of the Argo 650 rig foresees a considerable overlap of the mainsail and the use of batons allows considerable roaching on the leech, features which necessitate some containment in design in order to facilitate tacking. The result is a powerful sail which gives a great boost to tired sailors on windward stretches, especially in unstable and/or strong winds, and ensures a great performance on the reach. Made of Millenium Pentex, the sail is reefed using a system of zips.

A2 maxi spinnaker:
An asymmetrical maxi spinnaker which covers the entire surface of the area of the hull, this sail is both powerful and stable on runs (thanks to its specially designed spinnaker pole),  a must in Mini 6.50 racing as it allows excellent automatic handling downwind even in choppy seas.

A4 spinnaker:
Slightly smaller than the A2 maxi spinnaker, this sail is especially cut to enable spilling. Designed with a tight luff and more open leech to facilitate sailing closer to the wind, especially in strong breezes and choppy seas, the sail is also easily reefed.

Code 5:
A true heavy air reaching sail, the Code 5 offers excellent performance in impossible winds and extreme conditions. Made of nylon with Dynema core luff tapes and slim rimmed grommets, this is an essential sail for all ocean racers.

Code 0
The greatest challenge in terms of sail design, this powerful but difficult to handle sail gives a real boost to 6.5 metre hulls on light wind beats in flat seas but is also extremely viable on close reaches in stronger winds. Made of Millenium pentex, the sail is fitted with no tangle ropes and furler systems.

Congratulations to Andrea and his sail design team.

2015: Millenium is a winner

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Millenium Tech’s decision to put its state of the art sail technology at the disposition of the world’s most innovative sale manufacturers is continuing to achieve excellent results.
The Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is the most classic, yet most exhilarating race of the Australian season, a regatta whose first competitors left Sydney Harbour for Hobart via the terrible Bass Strait (a distance of 628 miles) on 26 December 1945. This year, products developed by Millenium Tech – the only sail company in the world to work together with its customers on finding the most competitive solutions – and Hood Sailmakers Australia have achieved excellent results in the majority of the classes competing in this world famous regatta.
Indeed, Colin Woods’ Cookson 50, Fly III, fitted with three Hood Millenium jibs, dominated IRC Division 0 and Tont Kirby’s Ker 46, Patrice, rigged with a full inventory of Millenium Hood sails, won first place in IRC Division 1. Sam Haynes’ Rogers 46, ADA Celestial, using Hood Millenium jibs was second in IRC Division 2 and third in ORCi Division 2, while, in the 34th Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs, R. Roberts’s Roberts 950, Corroboree, using a full Hood Millenium inventory, dominated PHF TCS Division 2.

According a spokesperson from the headquarters of the Florentine sail manufacturers, “the successes achieved at the start of the new year confirm that all the hard work put in over the last few months is producing excellent results. We are working in the right direction, we are happy with our product position in today’s market and we are sure that the introduction of our new offer of ultimate generation products will make us even more competitive than before.”

Millenium protagonista negli invernali

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In evidenza le imbarcazioni invelate Millenium nelle prime prove dei Campionati Invernali, dove conquistano le prime posizioni nelle manifestazioni storicamente più rilevanti. Napoli 44° Campionato invernale – Coppa Arturo Pacifico Prova costiera con aria leggera max 9 nodi – ORC Primo overall il T-34 Angry Red T 34 di Domenico Cicala, gioco Millenium Carbon 2013, mentre Primo di classe 2 ORC Le Coq Hardi X-41 di Maurizio Pavesi, gioco Millenium Carbon 2012 Punta Ala 34° Campionato Invernale Dopo due prove con aria tra i 10 e i 16 nodi – IRC Primo Bastian Contrario Sun Fast 32 di Massimo Bianchi, gioco Millenium Endumax 2014 Secondo Mascalzone Latino Swan 38 di Vincenzo Onorato, gioco Millenium Carbon 2014. Riva di Traiano Campionato Invernale Una prova tra i 18 e i 25 nodi Primo Lancillotto (nella foto) First 40R di Alberto Ammonini sia in IRC che ORC, gioco di vele Millenium carbon 2011 Primo in classe Crociera Blue Bite IV GS 54 di Raimondo Lo Forti, gioco Millenium taffettà in carbonio del 2008 Complimenti a tutti gli armatori e ai loro equipaggi


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Horizon, Ulmer & Kolius, One Sail. Quasi 40 anni di avanguardia tecnologica da Firenze nel mondo della vela da competizione. La somma di tutta questa esperienza per una veleria con un nome nuovo: Millenium.
Un nome adatto per scrivere una nuova pagina nella storia del sailmaking. Millenium possiede già da anni la migliore tecnologia disponibile sul mercato per la laminazione in pezzo unico. Avremmo potuto accontentarci. Invece abbiamo fatto un passo avanti sostanziale. Millenium introduce Monolithic. Molto di più di una vela. Semplicemente l’ala della quale la vostra barca, qualunque siano le sue dimensioni, ha bisogno per “volare” in testa alla flotta.