Develop innovative solutions for high-tech sail design.

The research conducted within the Millenium center sees expertises of all operating units of the technological center to conduct analysis studies, experiments on different methodologies and the use of innovative technologies in sail design. On the basis of research and development, Millenium sailmaker also implements work plans in partnership and in collaboration with universities and national and international research institutions.

 Main operational domains:
– Innovative composite materials;
– Advanced construction technologies;
– Fluid dynamics studies for performance optimization;
– Projects and design.

Millenium Technology Center offers its know-how and its innovative technologies to provide sails that improve the performance both of cruising and racing boats.



Just like for Greek philosophers Arxe means origin, first principle or root of things that exist (from Greek ἀρχή, that stands for beginning), Millenium® Arxe is the genesis of our sailmaker company. A new name for an historic product, which synthetizes the intensive Research & Development activity in one-piece lamination, pioneered by our company from the 80’. As yachts construction techniques advanced, the Millenium Technology Center revolutionized the italian sailmaking market in 1983, patenting and introducing in worldwide regatta fields “Tape Drive”, the first Made in Italy glued sail with continuous fibers. A baseline technology, perfected in 2005 with the Millenium patent, which enables the construction of the world’s unique sail in one piece with no size limit through a process of die casting.
Millenium® Arxe thus synthetizes decades of technological innovations, the team experience and passion and embodies the original company philosophy, which express the will to continuously innovate the product to offer our customers the best sails possible, performing and advanced. Arxe is not just a new name: the continuous technical innovation lead to a new productive process, which employs new materials and new methods to assemble them. Thanks to the studies implemented by the Millenium engineers, the research activity in the supply chain and the partnership with our suppliers, today Millenium® Arxe is built with new machineries, which allow a higher pressure and temperature in the lamination process. A completely renewed sail, more flexible and resistant, with a new anti UV film that ensure the maximum protection. A further innovation is the high modulus carbon layout, which gave birth to ARXE BLACK HM CARBON, a totally new product built with black film 100% protected from UV and abrasion.

Millenium® Arxe is a unique, 100% Made in Italy product, entirely built in our facilities in Florence, and it is suitable for every kind of yacht, from 20-footers to Supermaxi Yachts. The products range includes various products: Arxe Endurance, Arxe Technora / Black Aramidic, Arxe Carbon and the new Arxe Black HM carbon. The products range coincides with the wide selection of fiber yarns available: Carbon, Aramid, Polyethylene and a combination of them. Sail skins can be specified from “UV RESISTANT” Film-on-Film to Single or Double Sided taffeta in a variety of colours. Taffetas are pre-bonded to the substrates and become integral part of the laminate in the fusion process. Millenium center staff implement and improve the supply chain to purchase all the necessary materials to build our sails. Materials are only used after the review and approval of the technical team. There is neither heat molding nor plastic deformation of the materials, broadseaming is induced by the conventional way. Yarns are laid continuously from corner to corner, crosscut seams are totally unloaded, making the sail light, strong and crushproof. Millenium® Arxe has no size limit and holds the world record for the biggest one-piece sails ever built: the Code#1 for the Wally Yachts 143-footer “Esense”, which has a luff length of nearly 52 meters, and the mainsail for the J class “Shamrock”, which is 462 square meters.

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Millenium® Monolithic is the last technology developed by the Millenium Technology Center. After two years of Research and Development and three years of sails trials, Millenium® Monolithic is the most advanced sailmaking technology on the market, covered by European Patent (in pat pending).
The sail membrane is built with unidirectional spread fibers, spread to produce a 100% balanced structure.

What do sread fibers mean?
The entire sail structure is in fact a very small bundle of filaments, which are minuscule and ultra-thin. The spread fibers technique allows to spread out the individual filament bundle (yarn) of Carbon, PBO or Twaron until the filaments lie side-by-side. The filaments are then seamlessly reassembled in different layers and directions to form the sail laminate. The result is a whole uncut structure for the entire surface, which combines the rigidity of the Carbon with the flexibility of a flag. In other words, Millenium® Monolithic is an ultra-compact sail, totally free of rifts. From this characteristic originates the name “Monolithic”: the membrane is resistant and every single fiber lies side-by-side like in a monolith.
Its thickness is inert polymer and\or low modulus free (as taffetas, film, etc.). Moreover, the use of moulds guarantees a perfect and accurate lamination.

– Use of moulds, which are produced with numerical control for every sail
– Use of a biocomponent adhesive, that makes the sail indivisible. Other materials, for example thermoplastic, do not guarantee this result.
– Sail built in one piece without junctions. It avoids differences of thicknesses on the sail surface, which cause fibers break in the overlapping zone
– Thinner layers

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The Millenium Technology Centre has a unique downwind sail design database

35 years of experience built through three America’s Cup and several Offshore and One Design classes World Championships allows Millenium Technology Centre to design and create the fastest downwind sails that can be found on the market.
The grown experience on furling sails, like Code 0 and A0 gennakers, allows us to create sails that are fast and easy to use even by a small crew while cruising.

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