Our way of working

Millenium Technology Center


Service in the centre of our way of working. Dedicating ourselves to this work moved by a great passion, we create strong relationships with our owners, their captains and their boats. We always go on board at the end of a season, listen to the comments, verify the state of the sails, take them down, take them to the sail loft and take care of them during the winter to then install them again at the start of the new season. The service side has allowed us over the years to know our product in the smallest detail, understanding in which field we should invest most of our energy, have new ideas and where, on the other hand we could give less energy to; which precautions we should take on the next sails and many other details. Così è come intendiamo la nostra professione. This is how we see our profession. Service is very demanding, but it gives us back a shocking amount of information about the quality of our work and the product we are building.