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For twenty years now we have been working on board some of the most significant vessels in the world of maxi and Super Maxi yachts. In the last ten years, we have sailed 97 vessels from 60’ to 143’ feet in length, setting up one of the most professional service organizations on the market with a team of first-class sails experts.
The construction technologies owned by Millenium sailmakers are the best that can be applied to this sector, proof of this is in the creation of the biggest sail ever built and laminated in a single piece. An amazing 448 square meters in ARXE Carbon GP, the light-medium jibs produced by Esense Wally 143. The sail was sold, designed, plotted, laminated, refined, and lastly fine-tuned on board by team Millenium. Even the scales made our hearts beat faster, revealing a final ‘in sack’ sail weight of just 197kg. We challenge any other technology to achieve these numbers, adding to that the fact that the sail completed four years of racing in Wally class without the need for any recut.

ARXE Ocean

With ARXE Ocean we have traveled uncountable miles in every sea on our planet, over the years developing a product with a lasting performance that is difficult to believe on vessels of this size, both in terms of lamination and in general terms of handwork. For example, with the Southern Wind 100 Mrs. Seven of one of our dear vessel owners, in four seasons we traveled 36.200 miles sailing with a single set of ARXE OCEAN CARBON. The total weight of the three sails, complete with splints and all the necessary equipment, was 420kg, around 20% under any technology present on the market with comparable performance in terms of duration. I could list many more results just like this one.
I will conclude by simply saying that custom and innovation are the souls of our work. With us, each sail is created and followed with customized measures, which are our strong points on our super yacht projects, where the tailor-made product concept is obligatory.

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