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High-quality sails

for every kind of vessel.

About Us

Millenium Technology Center

Born in Florence in 1981. Today the sail lofts, the lamination, and the membrane die casting can all be found in the same structure expanding 3.300 square meters situated in Vaiano, Tuscany.

Millenium Veleria 3210
Millenium Veleria 3210
Millenium Veleria 3210
Millenium 3
MAGIC ROCKET Mylius Cup 2018 CB16185
Millenium Veleria 3207
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Millenium Veleria 3207
Millenium 3
MAGIC ROCKET Mylius Cup 2018 CB16185


High-quality finished sails.

In our 40 years of business we have sailed 150 megayachts over the world, for a total of 200.000 square meters of sailing surface.
Today we are able to offer our clients high-quality finished sails for every kind of vessel.


Comfort, Reliability and easy to use.


The maximum performance when cruising.


The largest sails in the world laminated in a single piece.


Racing department, Performance without compromise.


Our way of operating.

By dedicating ourselves to this work, motivated by a great passion, we create strong connections with our vessel owners, their captains, and their vessels.

Over the years the service side has brought us to know every minimum detail of our product, understanding in which field we should invest the most of our energy, to have new ideas, and where instead, we are already at the top.

Millenium 12 scaled

Millenium® sails are absolutely perfect, superb and efficient. I would like to thank the staff for achieving what promised, for the exceptional lead time during a vacation period, for the advice and friendly support. I will be now the greatest fan of Millenium.

– Yves Kessler, owner of the Solaris 55 “Manorys”

What has impressed me with my MILLENIUM MONOLITHIC sails are the high performance, the lightness and the easy handling. I found the Millenium team very competent and they proposed me an exclusive product fit for my requirements: high performance sails that are suitable for a fast cruising yacht like Castigo.

– Matteo Uliassi, owner of the Baltic 65 “Castigo”

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