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40 years of

Millenium Technology Center

Millenium Technology Center

Born in Florence in 1981

Today the sail lofts, lamination, and membrane die casting can be found in a single structure expanding 3.300 square meters situated in Vaiano, Tuscany. We decided to expand the production center in 2020, in a precise historic moment in the worldwide economy, when the world stopped, dominated by the fear of the virus. We felt as though it was the right moment to take the risk, to take a step towards becoming one of the largest sails lofts in Europe.

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When we agreed on a decision, we looked each other in the eyes and we went back to the start: 40 years ago. Three boys with the same enormous passion for the sea and sailing. Marco Holm, who left for New Zealand sensing that there, his future was being set up: the flight attendants had never seen an Italian before. Davide Innocenti who with ‘Moro di Venezia’ experimented with carbon sails.

We have walked a long road together, easy and difficult at the same time. Easy, because from passion, discoveries and inventions are born: we were never satisfied with just what we found. We have walked a long road together, easy and difficult at the same time. Difficult, because ideas need legs to be able to walk. Finding the money to actualize them. Then carry them out to the end in our own way: with a hands-on way of working, without robots, with an attention to quality which comes from our experience on the sea. Following our clients one by one. It has meant challenging day after day the big American giants, like in David and Goliath. Just like a craftsman creates by hand each of his products like a unique and unrepeatable piece. Made in Italy, not in China.

Just like a craftsman creates by hand each of his products like a unique and unrepeatable piece.

Made in Italy, not in China.

So, in 2020,

We looked each other in the eyes and we said two things to each other, actually three.

The first: It hasn’t been easy. The second: We made it. The third: It’s time to take another step forward. Right when everyone else is standing still. We looked at Matteo Holm: the new generation, who has been working with us for some time. Looking back on our past indicated to us very clearly the way to our future.

It’s strange but the drive we feel today is the same as it was back then. We have fought for 40 years and we have stayed the same. We have learned a lot along the way. The profits have always been reinvested. Never has the budget been in a loss. It’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur: continuously looking for innovation and finding ways to actualize it. Each day we talk to engineers, sailors, scientists, athletes, and technologists. The new ideas come from doing this.


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Before 2020

There are another two fundamental moments in our story:

In 1986, when we were the first to create sails with a continuous fiber, while everyone else was still playing around with tri-radial sails; in 2000, when reaching qualitative results that even now no one else can equal, we were pioneers in the research and development of lamination in a single piece. Stages of a long journey which has allowed us to achieve cutting-edge sail technology recognized all over the world.

In our 40 years of business we have sailed 150 megayachts over the world, for a total of 200.000 square meters of sailing surface. Today we are able to offer our clients high-quality finished sails for every kind of vessel.

With two patent licenses conceded on an international level (Tape drive and Millenium), over 60 partner sailmakers in the world use Millennium technology, guaranteeing the client high-quality finished sails for every size and type of vessel. The Millenium structure in Vaiano is part of a redevelopment project of a historic building built in 1400 seen various reconstructions. The last was the creation of two new reinforced cement roofs, , that over the years has designed by the engineer Pierluigi Nervi in 1931. The third shed however has had its original wooden truss preserved.