Prof. Marion Howie, Millenium Technology Centre collaborator, patents Tape Drive. The system allows the creation of the first glued sail with continuous fibers, with a perfect adherence to the load lines.



Millenium improves Tape Drive construction process. With ceramic/carbon ovens and through the use of vacuum bags is now possible to reach pressures and temperatures never used for the construction of a one piece die cast sail.



Monolithic is the last sail born from the Millenium Technological Centre. Monolithic and built with 100% microfiber carbon unidirectional fabrics, assembled with an innovative die casting process.


Millenium strong point in the study of the best shape and in the research for improved performance, applied to every specific sail, lays in the use of a Computational Fluid Dynamics software (CFD).
Program codes for advanced aerodynamic design are developed by ICAD, which is a research consortium coordinated by engineer Andrea Arnone, born from the collaboration between the University of Florence and the Millenium Technology Centre.
TRAF and HYDRO codes are used worldwide by leading industries and by research centres in the aerospace industry. They allow the study of shapes, the simulations of loads and of the aerodynamic impact on the sails and the mast.
Davide Innocenti, member of the Millenium Technology Centre, is also a member of the scientific and technical committee of the consortium.

To design the sails we use SailPack software, developed by BSG Developements, which is the leading company in the software development for sail design.
The last acquired software – SailPack FSI – Aravanti Fluid & Structural Analysis – is the most advanced and accurate solution for FSI calculations and sail design optimization. It has been developed for years and validated by real scale experimentations.
The software allows to define:
- The models of the sails and rig
– The mechanical properties
– The rig initial trimming conditions
– The navigation parameters (wind, boat speed and attitude, etc…)
Through the software we obtain also the loads and strains on all the cables, beams, or elements part of the rig and the resulting forces and momentum that are applied to the model.