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Portopiccolo Maxi Race and Bernetti Cup 2017

960 593 Millenium Tech

Portopiccolo Sistiana, October 4, 2017. The Portopiccolo Maxi Race 2017 and the 46th Edition of the Bernetti Cup have just ended. The Portopiccolo Maxi Race is organized by the Portopiccolo Yacht Club: maxi yachts and great crews took part in the regattas in a wonderful scenery. The Bernetti Cup is organised by the Società Nautica Pietas Julia and this year counted 174 entrants.

Three days of great performance with the strongest Italian, Slovenian and Croatian sailing teams. Two yachts with Millenium sails stood out in the race: E_vai, Mylius 76 owned by Gabriele Lualdi and Take Five Jr, Italia Yachts 9.98 owned by Brenno Dal Pont.

E_vai won in regatta category and ranked 4° in the general results at the Portopiccolo Maxi Race.

Take Five Jr ranked 2° ORC e 2° in ORC C category at the Bernetti Cup. On board also Davide Innocenti from the Millenium Technology Center.

Appointment on Sunday with the awaited Barcolana in Trieste!

Congratulations to the owners and the crews for the excellent results!

Ph. Andrea Carloni & Moreno Faina

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup: two yachts on the podium for Millenium

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Porto Cervo, September 14, 2017. An amazing show took place in Porto Cervo for the 28 Edition of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup. The regatta is organized by the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, with the Title sponsor Rolex and the International Maxi Association.

The Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup took place from September 4 to 9 but we had to wait a few days until the publication of the overall results of the Mini Maxi RC category. Two are the yachts with Millenium sails on the podium: Shrilaf, Swan 65 owned by Giuseppe Puttini, which ranked 2nd in the overall MMRC category, and Lunz Am Meer, Swan 651 owned by Marietta Gräfin Strasoldo which ranked 3rd.

During the race, the 15 yachts of the MMRC category started together and sailed on the same race course (five coastal trials). However, the general results were not published, despite the indications of the notice of race. Moreover, these results were not taken into consideration during the award ceremony. The first three boat in the overall results correspond with the boats of the Mini Maxi RC2 category, which is the category of Shirlaf and Lunz Am Meer.

Giuseppe Puttini and the Red Devil Sailing Team on board of Shirlaf were pleased with the result, as a Swan 65 of the 1976 defeated more modern and technological yachts like Supernikka, Vismara 62 Mills (4th in MMRC) and Wallyno, Wally 80 (5th in MMRC), that ranked respectively 1st and 2nd in MMRC1 category.

Shirlaf also won the Swan Maxi Cup, reassigned after the publication of the general results. Giuseppe Puttini exhorted the organization to modify the categories in light of the next editions, to make them more homogeneous.

“A category for “classic” boats would be the right solution and it would make regattas more spectacular”

he comments.
Shirlaf is fully powered by Millenium® Archè Carbon technology.

“We have worked together with Millenium for 6 years and the results were always excellent. After 2-3 inventories realized with Millenium, I can say that the technology together with the perfect customer support and the great team contributed to the success of this yacht”

Puttini states.

Congratulations also to the owners and the crews of other yachts with Millenium sails: the Prototype Adelasia di Torres owned by Renato Azara, the Farr 70 Atalanta II owned by Carlo Alessandro Puri Negri, the Vallicelli 80 Wizard owned by Sevi Fruscella and the Vismara 62 Mills Yoru owned by Luigi Sala.

Marco Holm, Davide Innocenti and Matteo Holm of the Millenium Technology Center participated in the regattas respectively on board of Lunz Am Meer, Shirlaf e Yoru.

Ph. Max Ranchi & Studio Borlenghi


Mascalzone Latino is ORC 2017 World Champion

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Porto San Rocco (Muggia – Trieste), July 9, 2017. Vincenzo Onorato and his Mascalzone Latino team are celebrating on the Cookson 50, after winning the ORC World Championship for Class A, with last year’s winner – Vadim Yakimenko’s Russo-French team on Freccia Rossa – earning Silver medals.

A great result for Onorato, which wins his second World title in offshore races. The first one was seventeen years ago in Newport in 2000. Between these two titles there are other five different World Championships won (in teams and with Mumm 30 and Farr 40 monotypes), thus reaching seven World titles in total.

This 19th Edition of the ORC World Championship was particularly hard and technical, with an exciting finale to a week of mostly light air sailing. Yachts and teams capable of sailing well in light winds were finally awarded. 115 entries from 19 countries competed at the ORC Worlds Trieste 2017 and 17 entries in Class A. After the offshore races that took place on Monday and Thursday, the Mascalzone Latino team competed in the inshore races, with a final day of great suspense. As a matter of fact, overall class winners were not decided until the last race in all classes last Saturday.

After the outstanding result at the 2016 Rolex Middle Sea Race, with the overall victory, and at the 2015 Rolex Middle Sea Race, with a second place for only 9 seconds, Vincenzo Onorato and his team went in Trieste with clear plans and so it was. On Onorato’s team were numerous top Italian sailors, including: Lorenzo Bressani and Stefano Ciampalini from Trieste, Andrea Ballico, Lorenzo De Felice, Francesco Mongelli, Leonardo Chiarugi, Matteo Savelli, Filippo La Mantia, Davide Scarpa, Daniele Fiaschi and Pietro Manunta. From the rubber boat Marco Savelli, long-time team coach and sail design for Mascalzone Latino and sails’ performance specialist and Monolithic project manager at the Millenium Technology Center.
The Cookson 50, which is the biggest yacht of the Mascalzone Latino fleet, has Millenium pat pending Monolithic full inventory. The sails were entirely designed and built in Italy, in the Florence facilities of the Millenium Technology Center.

World Champion in other classes are: the Swan 42 “Be Wild” owned by Renzo Grottesi in Class B and the Melges 32 “Airis” owned by Cesare Bressan in Class C. Three World titles won by Italian yachts, which confirm the leadership in ORC regattas.

The next appointments for Mascalzone Latino Cookson 50 are the Volvo Hong Kong to Vietnam Race in Hong Kong and the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, two months after.
For further information: Mascalzone Latino

To see all the results: ORC Worlds Trieste 2017


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It was a long wait for the official results of the 37th edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race but finally Mascalzone Latino and Cippa Lippa 8 triumphed. They both have Millenium Monolithic sails, the world’s only patent that enables to build sails in one piece with spread fibers technology

Malta, October 27, 2016. The Middle Sea Race of the two Italian Cookson 50, Mascalzone Latino owned by Vincenzo Onorato e Cippa Lippa 8 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci, was amazing as predicted. Mascalzone Latino wins the race, taking revenge on the second place (for only 9 seconds) of last year, while Cippa Lippa 8 is second in IRC overall and first in ORC overall.
Among the others sailing boats with Millenium sails Scricca and Lunz Am Meer gain a good position.
Scricca is third in IRC Class 6 and second in ORC Class 6, while Lunz Am Meer is second in ORC Class 3.

The boys of Mascalzone Latino finished the race after 3 days, 3 hours, 8 minutes and 3 seconds, crossing the finish line as 5th. This is a great time, considering the light wind and the fact that they had a great advantage over the other boats.

“It was a beautiful race” commented Marco Savelli, which is coach and responsible of the sails’ program of Mascalzone Latino and sails’ performance specialist and Monolithic project manager at the Millenium Technology Center, “we are really pleased with the speed of the boat and with how the team worked. We changed the sails about twenty times to take advantage of the wind changing conditions, without any hitches. The Millenium Monolithic genoa medium was used with more than 25 knots.”

The IRC fleet had 94 participants and Mascalzone Latino beat also longer boats in real time, for example the Botin 65 “Caro” owned by Maximilian Klink. Mascalzone Latino finished two days ago, but it was necessary to wait that Artie and Foggy Dew crossed the finish line yesterday afternoon to announce the victory.

The team
This race crew is a mix of Italians and British sailors who have raced all over the world under the Mascalzone Latino banner and with great success. In the absence of owner, Vincenzo Onorato, the boat was skippered this year by Matteo Savelli. The afterguard includes Marco and Matteo Savelli, Adrian Stead, Lorenzo Bressani, Branko Brcin and Ian Moore. The other members of the crew are Leonardo Chiarugi, Andrea Ballico, Pierluigi De Felice, Daniele Fiaschi, Stefano Ciampalini and Davide Scarpa.

After a successful season (for example the 151 Miglia race and the Tre Golfi race), the Cookson 50 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci wins the ORC overall category and is second in IRC overall. Matteo Holm, sails’ performance specialist at the Millenium Technology Center on board Cippa Lippa 8 commented:

“It was a tricky Rolex Middle Sea Race. The first part of the race was really difficult and we changed the sails many times, using all the sails’ full set. In the second part, we sailed close to the wind with 25 knots and we used Millenium Monolithic mainsail and jib, sailing really fast. I am impressed with Monolithic, which proved to be a fast and reliable product. We are really happy about the result, which comes at the end of an amazing season!”

The team
Guido Paolo Gamucci (owner), Francesco Diddi (skipper), Matteo Holm, Roberto Spata, Andrea Caracci, Carlo Simoncelli, Massimo Segnini, Andrea Venezian, Giuseppe Incatasciato, Lorenzo Garosi, Gian Grasso, Davide Rosa and Nicola Stedile.

Monohull Line Honours to Rambler 88 owned by George David (2 days, 14 hours, 3 minutes and 26 seconds) while the Multihull Line Honours goes to Maserati owned by Giovanni Soldini, which beats Phaedo3 owned by Lloyd Thornburg. In fact, because of a navigation error Phaedo3 rounded Linosa island instead of Lampedusa. Maserati also set a new record for Multihull category (the previous was set by Phaedo3), finishing the race in 2 days, 1 hour, 25 minutes and 1 second.

The Rolex Middle Sea Race was an important testbed also for the Millenium Technology Center, which confirms the high performance of Millenium Monolithic.
The staff of the Technology Center congratulates and thanks the owners and the crews for the outstanding results.

Ph. Rolex/Kurt Arrigo

37th Edition of Rolex Middle Sea Race: the boats with Millenium sails

800 504 Millenium Tech

October 21, 2016, Malta. The great show of the 2016 Rolex Middle Sea Race will starting tomorrow at 11 am at La Valletta Harbour, with a fleet of 112 entrants. The Rolex Middle Sea Race is organized by the Royal Malta Yacht Club and it is one of the most beautiful and challenging regattas of the Mediterranean. With its 609 nautical mile, it is also the longest boat race in the Mediterranean, in a unique and extraordinaire landscape.

The best of the offshore sailing boats is in Malta: 112 yachts (the record was 122 in 2014), representing 25 Countries. The Italian fleet is the biggest, with 26 sailing boats, followed by Russia and Great Britain. Among the Italian fleet, an amazing duel will be the one between the two Cookson 50, which are Cippa Lippa 8 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci and Mascalzone Latino owned by Vincenzo Onorato. Both the yachts have Millenium sails and they will sail for the IRC Overall victory. Below there are the details of the boats with Millenium sails:

CIPPA LIPPA 8 (Sail No.: ITA-4888), Cookson 50 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci – Classes: IRC Class 1, ORC  Class 2 (Millenium full inventory)

JUNOPLANO (Sail No.: ITA 13499), Open 60 owned by Michele Pennelli – Classes: ORC Class 2 (Millenium full  inventory)

LUNZ AM MEER (Sail No.: AUT2895), Swan 651 owned by Marietta Strasoldo – Classes: IRC Class 4, ORC Class 3  (Millenium full inventory)

MASCALZONE LATINO (Sail No.: ITA 14909), Cookson 50 owned by Vincenzo Onorato – Classes: IRC Class 2,  ORC Class 2 (Millenium full inventory)

ROSALBA (Sail No.: GBR10), Imoca 60 owned by Riccardo Pavoncelli – Classes: IRC Class 1, Imoca 60 (Millenium  partial inventory)

SCIARA Aeronautica Militare (Sail No.: ITA 4741), First 44.7 owned by Filippo Massimo Lancellotti – Classes:  IRC Class 5, Double Handed IRC (Millenium full inventory)

SCRICCA (Sail No.: ITA31041), Comet 38S owned by Leonardo Servi – Classes: IRC Class 6, ORC Class 6  (Millenium full inventory)

Starting from Grand Harbour, boats will sail a course leaving to port the Island of Sicily, the Aeolian Islands (including Strombolicchio), the Egadi Islands (except Marettimo Island), Pantelleria and Lampedusa Islands, through the South Comino Channel, keeping Malta to starboard, to the finish line in Marsamxett Harbour.

The weather conditions might facilitate a new record, established by the Maxi “Rambler” owned by George David in 2007, which is 1day, 23hours, 55mins 3secs. In fact, the wind from South-East will be around 21 knots with peaks of 26 knots. “Rambler” is still the favourite for the Line Honour, established also last year.

For further information: Rolex Middle Sea Race

2016 International Sailing Week and 55th Trieste – S.Giovanni in Pelago regatta: Millenium is on the podium with Jack Sparrow and Take Five Jr

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The 2016 International Sailing Week, which is organized by Adriatico Yacht Club, ended on Sunday 25th. The Sailing Week started with the Trieste – S.Giovanni in Pelago regatta on Friday 16th, according to tradition, and continued with other races on Sunday 18th, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th. In both the regattas, two boats with Millenium sails were on the podium: Jack Sparrow, owned by Alberto Gozo and Take Five Jr, owned by Brenno Dal Pont.

The 55th Edition of the Trieste – S.Giovanni in Pelago regatta started at 10.30 pm from Bacino S. Giusto, which is in front of Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia in Trieste. The weather was challenging, with wind between 20 and 28 knots.
Jack Sparrow, the Stream 40 R owned by Alberto Gozo, ranked 1st in ORC Class B and was sixth in real time among the 42 entrants. Take Five Jr, the Italia Yachts 9.98 owned by Brenno Dal Pont, was 2nd in ORC Class C, following the Farr 30 Mummy One.

The 2016 International Sailing Week consisted of seven trials, that took place in two weekends in the Gulf of Trieste. The first weekend was characterized by high wind, while the second the wind was between 8 and 10 knots. The results were the same also in this event: Jack Sparrow was 1st in ORC Class B and Take Five Jr was 2nd in ORC Class C.

The Millenium Technology Center congratulates and thanks the owners and the crews for the excellent results.

Ph. Y.C.A. / Alberto Lucchi

Video: Jack Sparrow during Trieste – S.Giovanni in Pelago 2016 regatta

2016 Rolex Swan Cup: Millenium is protagonist with Mascalzone Latino and Gaetana

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September 18, 2016, Porto Cervo. The nineteenth Edition of the Rolex Swan Cup ended last Sunday, after four days of spectacular competitions. The boat race was organized by Costa Smeralda Yacht Club in partnership with Nautor’s Swan and Rolex as sponsor and the entrants were 125, which is a record for the regatta. They were reunited in Porto Cervo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Finnish shipyard. A high wind prevented the normal development of the boat races on the 5th day.

Two boats with Millenium sails stood out for the results: Mascalzone Latino and Gaetana.
Mascalzone Latino, the Swan 38 owned by Vincenzo Onorato, was 2nd in the Sparkman & Stephens Class, following the Swan 48 Sleeper X, owned by Jonty & Vicky Layfield. The advantage on the 3rd classified, which was the English Sarabande owned by Rob Mably, proved that there was a match race between the first two. In addition to the owner Vincenzo Onorato, the crew of Mascalzone Latino included: Branko Brcin, Davide Scarpa, Daniele Fiaschi, Matteo Savelli, Andrea Ballico, Stefano Ciampalini and Marco Savelli from Millenium Technology Center.

The Swan 651 Gaetana, owned by Riccardo Pavoncelli, ranked 3rd in the Mini Maxi Class, following the French Arobas, owned by Gerard Logel and the Japanese Yasha, owned by Scarab Japan Limited. Gaetana won two of the four races.

Even Shirlaf, the Swan 65 owned by Giuseppe Puttini, had a great performance in the S & S Class. The boat proved to be very fast with wind from medium to high intensity, beating the others six Swan 65 in all the races. Unfortunately, with an early start on the third day, she lost the 3rd place, ending in 12th position.

The inventory of the three boats is Millenium Carbon and the Millenium Technology Center staff congratulates and thanks the owners and the crews for the outstanding results.

The winners in the others categories are: Swan 90 Freya (Maxi), Swan 53 Music (Grand Prix) and Natalia (Swan 42). World Champion in the Swan 45 Class is Elena Nova.

For further information: Rolex Swan Cup

Ph. Studio Borlenghi

Shirlaf_Rolex Swan Cup 2016 Mascalzone Latino - Rolex Swan Cup 2016_2 Gaetana_ Rolex Swan Cup 2016_2 Gaetana_ Rolex Swan Cup 2016


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After the outstanding victory at the Giraglia Rolex Cup 2016, Scricca achieves another success, winning the “Angelo Randazzo Trophy” for the ORC Overall victory at the 12° Edition of the Palermo-Montecarlo regatta.

This was an unusual edition, characterised by summer breezes and by a storm on the second night of the race. The Comet 38 S, owned by Leonardo Servi, with a full set of Millenium Carbon and Millenium Monolithic sails, faced a challenging regatta: the crew sailed for 400 miles close to the wind, where the shape-holding and the rigidity of Monolithic technology made a difference.
The crew: Franco Manzoli, Matteo Teglia, Ivan Scimonelli, Claudio Arborea, Giuseppe Filippis, Roberto Innamorato and Marco Attanasio.

Followiong Scricca, Lunatika (Sun Fast 3600) and Be Wild (Swan 42). Line honours to Rambler, which wins the “Tasca d’Almerita Trophy”.

The Palermo-Montecarlo regatta, which started last Sunday from Mondello Gulf, is organized by Circolo della Vela Sicilia, Yacht Club de Monaco and Costa Smeralda Yacht Club. The yachts registered were 57, representing 11 countries (Italy, France, Monaco, Germany, Spain, UK, Malta, Turkey, Russia and Hungary). The regatta is in the FIV Italian Offshore Championship and is in the IMA (International Maxi Association) calendar from last year, together with the Rolex Middle Sea Race, the Volcano Race and the Giraglia Rolex Cup.

The Millenium Technology Center congratulates and thanks the owner and the crew for the excellent result.

For further information: Palermo-Montecarlo regatta

Ph. Andrea Carloni / CVS

2016 ORC European Championship: Duvetica Grey Goose is the new European Champion in A/B Class

960 644 Millenium Tech

Porto Carras, Geece. Duvetica Grey Goose wins the 2016 ORC European Championship 2016 in A/B Class, showing great consistency in five days and nine races competing in both inshore and offshore formats. Duvetica Grey Goose is the Arya 415 owned by Giampiero Vagliano with 100% Millenium Carbon and Millenium Monolithic inventory.

The competition was strong among 37 teams from 12 countries, with several teams in the top ranks always keeping the pressure on the new champion. The Arys 415, which started in the series with a 7th place earned in the first offshore race, then came on strong to take and hold the series lead by winning only one race but never getting worse than sixth in any other.

The Duvetica team: Giampiero Vagliano (owner), Daniele Augusti (skipper), Alessandro Marega, Andrea Straniero, Ciro Di Piazza, Jacopo Ciampalini, Manuel Polo, Matteo Stroppolo, Michele Paoletti, Paolo Pinelli and Samuele Nicolettis.

Second in A/B Class is the crew of George Andreadis’s GS 42R Meliti IV-Musto from Greece. Winning Bronze medals is another team from Italy, Claudio Terrieri’s GS 43 BC Blue Sky. Italian is also the 2016 European Champion in C Class: Scugnizza Total Lubmarine, which is the NM38S owned by Vincenzo De Blasio.

Congratulations to the Duvetica Sailing Team and the other Italian teams for the excellent results achieved.

To see all the results: 2016 ORC European Championship – Official website

Ph. Andrea Carloni


1024 579 Millenium Tech

June 6, 2016, Punta Ala. Cippa Lippa 8, Cookson 50 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci, wins the day at the Seventh Edition of 151 Miglia regatta-Celadrin Cup, which started from Livorno on the 2nd of June. The boats participating in the competition were 175 and the Cippa Lippa 8 is 1st in ORC International Class, winning the Challenge Cup. Line honours to Pendragon, owned by Nicola Paoleschi.

This edition of the 151 Miglia was difficult, with a high wind at the beginning, which decreased later, and a lot of delicate phases. Matteo Holm from the Millenium Technology Center was on board and he managed the sails programme. He commented “the regatta was challenging. We sailed close to the wind between 9 and 18 knots for 80% of the course. This victory demonstrates that we worked well on the sail plan optimisation and that Monolithic sails make a difference. It is amazing how the boat improved her performance on a bowline.

Congratulations to the owner and his crew: Francesco Diddi, Carlo Simoncelli, Daniele Andreini, Nicola Cimbro Stedile, Davide Rosa, Massimo Segnini, Riccardo Degl’innocenti, Andrea Venezian, Gabriele Bruni and Matteo Holm.

Congratulations also to other boats with Millenium sails. Scricca‬, Comet 38S owned by Leonardo Servi, is 2nd in ORC3 (partial inventory Monolithic) and Unpopergioco‬, IY 9.98 owned by Marco Balicco, is 3rd in ORC3.

To read more about the regatta and the 151 Miglia Cups: 151 Miglia Regatta

The 151 Miglia 151 Miglia regatta-Celadrin Cup is a FIV, UVAI and World Sailing event and it is organised by Punta Ala Yacht Club, Repubblica Marinara di Pisa Yacht Club, in partnership with Livorno Yacht Club, Marina di Punta Ala e Porto di Pisa. Main sponsors are Celadrin, Rigoni di Asiago, SLAM and Acqua San Bernardo. Marina di Scarlino, Tuscany region and districts of Pisa, Livorno and Castiglione della Pescaia supported the regatta.

151 Miglia 2016_Cippa Lippa 8_1151 Miglia 2016_Cippa Lippa 8_2