27 October 2016

It was a long wait for the official results of the 37th edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race but finally Mascalzone Latino and Cippa Lippa 8 triumphed. They both have Millenium Monolithic sails, the world’s only patent that enables to build sails in one piece with spread fibers technology

Malta, October 27, 2016. The Middle Sea Race of the two Italian Cookson 50, Mascalzone Latino owned by Vincenzo Onorato e Cippa Lippa 8 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci, was amazing as predicted. Mascalzone Latino wins the race, taking revenge on the second place (for only 9 seconds) of last year, while Cippa Lippa 8 is second in IRC overall and first in ORC overall. Among the others sailing boats with Millenium sails Scricca and Lunz Am Meer gain a good position. Scricca is third in IRC Class 6 and second in ORC Class 6, while Lunz Am Meer is second in ORC Class 3. MASCALZONE LATINO The boys of Mascalzone Latino finished the race after 3 days, 3 hours, 8 minutes and 3 seconds, crossing the finish line as 5th. This is a great time, considering the light wind and the fact that they had a great advantage over the other boats.
“It was a beautiful race” commented Marco Savelli, which is coach and responsible of the sails’ program of Mascalzone Latino and sails’ performance specialist and Monolithic project manager at the Millenium Technology Center, “we are really pleased with the speed of the boat and with how the team worked. We changed the sails about twenty times to take advantage of the wind changing conditions, without any hitches. The Millenium Monolithic genoa medium was used with more than 25 knots.”
The IRC fleet had 94 participants and Mascalzone Latino beat also longer boats in real time, for example the Botin 65 “Caro” owned by Maximilian Klink. Mascalzone Latino finished two days ago, but it was necessary to wait that Artie and Foggy Dew crossed the finish line yesterday afternoon to announce the victory. The team This race crew is a mix of Italians and British sailors who have raced all over the world under the Mascalzone Latino banner and with great success. In the absence of owner, Vincenzo Onorato, the boat was skippered this year by Matteo Savelli. The afterguard includes Marco and Matteo Savelli, Adrian Stead, Lorenzo Bressani, Branko Brcin and Ian Moore. The other members of the crew are Leonardo Chiarugi, Andrea Ballico, Pierluigi De Felice, Daniele Fiaschi, Stefano Ciampalini and Davide Scarpa. CIPPA LIPPA 8 After a successful season (for example the 151 Miglia race and the Tre Golfi race), the Cookson 50 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci wins the ORC overall category and is second in IRC overall. Matteo Holm, sails’ performance specialist at the Millenium Technology Center on board Cippa Lippa 8 commented:
“It was a tricky Rolex Middle Sea Race. The first part of the race was really difficult and we changed the sails many times, using all the sails’ full set. In the second part, we sailed close to the wind with 25 knots and we used Millenium Monolithic mainsail and jib, sailing really fast. I am impressed with Monolithic, which proved to be a fast and reliable product. We are really happy about the result, which comes at the end of an amazing season!”
The team Guido Paolo Gamucci (owner), Francesco Diddi (skipper), Matteo Holm, Roberto Spata, Andrea Caracci, Carlo Simoncelli, Massimo Segnini, Andrea Venezian, Giuseppe Incatasciato, Lorenzo Garosi, Gian Grasso, Davide Rosa and Nicola Stedile. ALL THE WINNERS Monohull Line Honours to Rambler 88 owned by George David (2 days, 14 hours, 3 minutes and 26 seconds) while the Multihull Line Honours goes to Maserati owned by Giovanni Soldini, which beats Phaedo3 owned by Lloyd Thornburg. In fact, because of a navigation error Phaedo3 rounded Linosa island instead of Lampedusa. Maserati also set a new record for Multihull category (the previous was set by Phaedo3), finishing the race in 2 days, 1 hour, 25 minutes and 1 second. The Rolex Middle Sea Race was an important testbed also for the Millenium Technology Center, which confirms the high performance of Millenium Monolithic. The staff of the Technology Center congratulates and thanks the owners and the crews for the outstanding results. Ph. Rolex/Kurt Arrigo]]>