21 June 2015

MILLENIUM LIGHT BOOSTER _ THE SAIL THAT DIDN’T EXIST The Millenium Technological Pole, throught their continuous experimenting, elected this innovative product as the optimal choice for light headsails and code zeros. Using Endumax UHMWPE fiber laminated in very thin sandwiches we have improved the performances of light air sails and sensibly increased their durability at the same time. Millenium Light Booster is specially suitable for yachts 20′ to 50′. Above this size, the results of test we made in cooperation with professional sailing crews lead us to confirm that carbon fiber is still the best choice for any type of sail. MILLENIUM ENDURANCE _ THE BEST QUALITY TO PRICE RATIO This product, available today after a complex experimental activity, brought great satisfaction to our Millenium team: we have finally managed to produce a high quality, high performance sail at a very affordable price! The Millenium Technological Pole made it possible by combining: – Teijin’s UHMWPE fiber (Endumax) – anti-UV treated films – custom ultralight taffetas The final result is an aesthetically attractive product, soft at touch and quite light. We recommend its use for yachts up to 40′ The whole technology and know-how of the Millenium Technological Pole is made available to all innovative sailmakers who will decide to offer sails based on the exclusive Millenium membranes to their customers.]]>