Great result for Millenium Technological Center in Roma x1 x2 xtutti
12 April 2014

ROMA PER UNO, PER DUE, PER TUTTI offshore season-opener provided an excellent chance for Millenium sails to post outstanding results, with many competitors using a wide range of products from the Millenium Technological Center and exploiting Millenium’s tailor-made technology to achieve great performances. In more detail: 1st IRC and 1st ORC – ROMA PER TUTTI ITA 14714, BLUONE, First 36.7, Owner: Leonardo Servi Crew: Leonardo Servi, Matteo Teglia, Francesco Musotto, Sorin Dell’Amore, Ciccio Manzoli, Paolo Piccini, Leonardo Benadì, Giovanni Cinà Main and Code 1: Millenium Technora Jib Top and Code 3: Millenium Endurance Line of Honour and 3rd ORC – ROMA PER TUTTI ITA 4888, CIPPALIPPA 8, Cookson 50 Cant, Owner: Guido Paolo Gamucci Crew: Guido Paolo Gamucci, Matteo Holm, Roberto Spata, Davide Rosa, Paul Anibaldi, Francesco Diddi, Carlo Cattaneo, Vieri Abolaffio, Elisa Mangani, Pierpaolo Lanfrancotti, Giuseppe Incatasciato, Giovanni Sabadin Full inventory: Millenium Carbon offshores  160m² A0: seamfree Millenium Technora 2nd  IRC – ROMA PER UNO ITA 16569, AZUREE, Azuree 33, Owner: Pierpaolo Ballerini Main: Millenium Technora Jibs 1, 2 and 3: Millenium Endurance 4th  IRC – ROMA PER TUTTI ITA 13973, SHIRLAF, Swan 65, Owner: Giuseppe Puttini Full inventory: Millenium Carbon Congratulations to all the owners and their crews for the outstanding results achieved and special congratulations to Matteo Holm for his work on the design and manufacture of the sail wardrobes of all the “Millenium” boats. The Millenium Technological Center is staffed by a team of experts with over 30 years’ experience in sail design and technology. Its unique approach to sail design has enabled the creation of single piece carbon matrix sails of unlimited surface area without the use of resins or glues in such a way as to create extremely lightweight, flexible sails which are both highly resistant to delamination and have an exceptional ability to hold their shape. Patented by Marco Holm this technology uses vacuum fusion to create a cross linked polymerized matrix which is then subject to a thermo-moulding process and finished with a series of highly accurate, computer controlled heating and cooling processes to generate state-of-the-art sails specifically tailored to ensure the very highest performance in all situations and conditions.]]>