An insight into the best boats of 2016
11 May 2016

Nautique_Cover_Aprile 2016VELA_FEBBRAIO 2016_cover_ICE 52YACHTING WORLD_cover_May 2016   Jachting_cover_Marzo 2015Sail Magazine_cover_July 2015_800x969YACHTING WORLD_cover_August 2015               The Millenium Technology Center continues its research towards excellence in sailmaking and saildesign. Among the beautiful magazine covers published between 2015 and 2016, the best boats nominated at the Düsseldorf Boat Show are highlighted. They are all Italian, as well as the sails, which are 100% Made in Italy, built at the Millenium Technology Center in Florence. The winner of the “European Yacht of the Year 2016” Award in Performance Cruiser category is the Solaris 50. It is an elegant and sophisticated yacht, which represents an evolutionary project after the success of the Solaris 48. In the picture the Solaris 50 “ALMAVIDA 2” is portrayed and the sails are Millenium Twaron. The others two nominated for Performance Cruiser category are the Ice 52 and the Italia 9.98, which both represent the Italian excellence. The Ice 52 is a very modern yacht, which stands out for performance, comfort on board, and it is excellent both for challenging cruises and for racing. On the “Giornale della Vela” cover the sails are Millenium Monolithic, which is the last sail born from the Millenium Technology Centre, built with 100% microfiber carbon unidirectional fabrics. The Italia 9.98 is a sport boat, designed specifically for fun sailing and it is particularly dedicated to handicap racing (ORC and IRC) but without the preclusion of being used for short cruises. The main objective of the concept has been to find the correct balance between the different kind of use, from windward-leeward races to offshore racing or cruising. Formerly, the Italia 13.98 has won the “European Yacht of the Fare vela_cover_Agosto 2012Year 2013” Award in Luxury Cruiser category and the “ADI Nautical Design Awards” for its interior design, thus confirming the continuity of Made in Italy quality (“Fare Vela” cover, August 2012). For further information: Solaris Yachts Italia Yachts Ice Yachts]]>