Which are the most futuristic yachts at the Genoa International Boat Show 2019?
24 September 2019

Nacira 69, Vismara Very Fast Cruiser launched last January, is the first performance cruiser with lifting-canting keel in the world. Sailing speed exceeding 30 knots in broad reach and easy maneuverability, with the innovative lifting-canting keel that makes the boat more stable. Cippa Lippa, Mylius 60 canting keel launched Saturday September 14th, is the most advanced technological project of the Mylius Shipyard. Canting keel and reduced maximum beam: a gamble to enter the “top performances” market. Besides being exclusive groundbreaking projects, the two sailing yachts share the selection of the sailmaker: the Millenium Technology Center. An obvious bond between two revolutionary projects and the sailmaker company whose key features are innovative technologies and R&D spending. Cutting-edge sail making and sail design which are the outcomes of long-term investments in innovative composite materials, advanced construction technologies, fluid dynamics studies for performance optimization, planning and design. The rigging plan of Nacira 69 includes four bow furling sails and a square top mainsail, all built with Millenium Monolithic technology. Cippa Lippa has a full cruising inventory Millenium Arche technora / taffeta and a full racing inventory Millenium Monolithic. The use of innovative technologies and the passion and expertise of the team have led to the development of a unique know-how, aimed at providing sails that improve the performance both of racing and cruising yachts. [gallery size="large" columns="4" ids="6789,6792,6795,6798"]]]>