Millenium Monolithic for Nacira 69
30 January 2019

square top mainsail, all built with Millenium Monolithic technology in our Florence facilities. Monolithic is indeed the most advanced sailmaking technology on the market, perfect for the high technological concept of Nacira with maximum performances both in cruising and racing. Millenium Monolithic is the world’s only sail built in one piece made entirely with spread fibers technology: the sail is flexible but shape holding even in the hardest conditions. The union between Vismara and Millenium technologies makes Nacira a ground-breaking sailing yacht, tailored for her owner. Guillaume Verdier was responsible for the hydrodynamics of the hull and the rigging plan, Alex De Beaufort designed the concept and Pure Enginering the structures. Finally, Cariboni built the innovative canting/lifting keel. Vismara Marine coordinated all the work. Features Design and materials are sophisticated: hull, mast and boom are in carbon, a wheelhouse with double blade assures an easy manoeuvrability despite the high sailing speed. The innovative canting/lifting keel under the hull allows a draught of 2.50m to go in the port with motors and 4.25m for sailing, thus making the boat more stable. The central system allows to manage the yacht in every aspect with the maximum security, from energy allocation to sailing equipment. The internal layout is comfortable and spacious: the living area is at the stern while the sleeping area is situated at the bow. We look forward for the sail trial of Nacira to explore her full potential.]]>