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May 2016

Rolex Capri International Regatta 2016: results

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The Rolex Capri International Regatta, organised by Italian Yacht Club, Capri Yacht Club and Circolo Canottieri Aniene with Rolex partnership, ended on the 28th of May. The final placement is the one of May 27, because of the light wind during the last day. The yachts with Millenium sails scored good results, both in IRC and ORC. The yachts before Farewell in the placement are less cruising oriented.
The final rank:

ORC Superyacht
13. Seawave
14. Grande Orazio
15. Whisper
16. Blues
17. Farewell
18. Cape Arrow
19. Mrs Marietta Cube
20. L’Ondine
21. Illusion of the Isles
22. Hevea
23. Farandwide
24. Lady G

8. Fra Diavolo
9. Shirlaf
10. Pegasus
11. Ilha Solteira
12. Zia Franca
13. Ummagumma
14. Botta Dritta

The first three of every Class were awarded, along with the first three Southern Wind, which received a special prize from the South African Shipyard.

Congratulations to the owners and their crews.

Ph. Carlo Borlenghi & Stefano Gattini

RCIR_FarewellRCIR_L'OndineRCIR_ShirlafRCIR_Mrs Marietta Cube

Rolex Capri International Regatta: the yachts with Millenium sails

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It’s all ready for the Rolex Capri International Regatta, with boat races from May 25 to May 28. It is a wonderful occasion to see Maxi and Supermaxi yachts in one of the most important regatta field in Italy.

Among the sailing boats from Southern Wind Shipyard, there is a spectacular fleet of seven SW 100. Four of them are with Millenium sails: Farewell, Farandwide, L’Ondine and Mrs Marietta Cube. They are designed by Farr-Nauta and are 30 meters long. The Shipyard is also celebrating the 25th anniversary with a party on the 26th of May.

Among the Maxi, Shirlaf is cometing. She is a Swan 65 owned by Giuseppe Puttini (with full inventory Millenium), which opened her 2016 season on the sixty-second edition of the Tre Golfi Regatta with a 3rd place in Overall IRC.

The start is at 11:30 am from Capri. The Millenium team is attending the regattas to provide customer services.

Le Coq Hardi is National Champion of Tyrrhenian Sea 2016

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Naples. The Tre Golfi Week 2016 ended last weekend with the trials of National Championship of Tyrrhenian Sea (Campionato Nazionale del Tirreno). It is organised by Circolo del Remo e della Vela Italia and it started with the sixty-second edition of the Tre Golfi Regatta.

Le Coq Hardi, which is a X-41 owned by Maurizio Pavesi with Millenium full inventory, won the ORC A Class becoming National Champion of Tyrrhenian Sea 2016.

The other winners are Scugnizza Total Lubmarine in ORC Class and Sagola Biotrading in ORC B and IRC Classes.

The weather was variable, with light wind on Friday and Sunday and an unstable wind on Saturday.

Congratulations to the owner and his crew.

Gavitello d’Argento Regatta 2016

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Cippa Lippa 8 achieved another great result at the Gavitello d’Argento Regatta, which is organised by Punta Ala Yacht Club. The Cookson 50 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci was 2nd in ORC International Class, after the Grand Soleil 46 Pierservice Luduan owned by Enrico De Crescenzo. This is another excellent result among the sailing boats with Millenium sails in this sailing season.

The boat race took place in Punta Ala from May 20 to May 22. While a high wind characterised the first two days, the wind on the third day was light and the Regatta Committee shortened the course during the second trial. However, Cippa Lippa 8 (YCPA 1) won the two trials in IRC.

Congratulations to the owner and his crew.

Rolex Capri International Regatta

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May 24, Capri. The Rolex Capri International Regatta starts today. It is organised by Italian Yacht Club, Capri Yacht Club and Circolo Canottieri Aniene with Rolex partnership and the Millenium team is attending the Regatta as the only Italian sailmaker to provide customer service to all the sailing yachts.

The Rolex Capri International Regatta is a big event for the offshore season in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and it continues the traditions of the Nastro Azzurro and the Rolex Sailing Week, although with a new programme. Registrations are open to all ORC, IRC and ORC Superyacht sailing boats. They are competing in one of the most esteemed regatta field all over the world and in a unique place for its heritage and its natural beauty.
Also 14 extraordinary sailing yachts from the Southern Wind Shipyard are competing. The Shipyard is also celebrating its 25th anniversary during the Rolex Capri International Regatta.

The programme:

Boat races from May 25 to May 28, with start at 11:30 am from Capri.

Southern Wind Party, May 26.

Rolex Gala Dinner, May 27.

Awards ceremony, May 28 in Capri square.

For further information: Yacht Club Italiano

Outstanding results for boats with Millenium sails at the sixty-second edition of the Tre Golfi Regatta

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The sixty-second edition of the Tre Golfi Regatta ended on Saturday the 14th. The course was 170 miles between Napoli-Ponza-Isolotti de Li Galli with finish line in Napoli. The boat race was valid for Italian Offshore Championship 2016. The main feature of this edition was a high wind, as it wasn’t happening in years.

Cippa Lippa 8, owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci and drove by Francesco Diddi recorded an amazing result. Line honours for the second time at the Tre Golfi Regatta, the Cookson 50 won the Gustavo d’Andrea Cup and broke the speed record for the regatta, which was established in 2006 by My Song. It sailed for 16h 44m and 13s. Matteo Holm from the Millenium Technology Center was on board and he managed the sails programme.

Angry Red, T-34 owned by Domenico Cicala and drove by Carlo Varelli, President of the Club Nautico della Vela, was 1st in ORC, 3-5 Class. The boat was Italian Offshore Champion in 2014.

Shirlaf, Swan 65 owned by Giuseppe Puttini and drove by Paolo Cian and Stefano Pelizza was 3rd in Overall IRC. The Swan 65 has gone down in history when it won the first edition of the Whitbread Round The World Race.

Congratulations to all the owners and their crews for the excellent results achieved.

La Lunga Bolina – Millenium Cup 2016 | Video

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The Seventh Edition of La Lunga Bolina – Millenium Cup, first regatta of the TAT – Trofeo Arcipelago Toscano 2016 (Tuscany Archipelago Cup, 22 – 24 April 2016).
In the video we can see the Cippa Lippa 8, Cookson 50 with full inventory Millenium / Monolithic and Code 0 Milenium in one piece, line honours and winner of the Millenium Cup.

An insight into the best boats of 2016

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Nautique_Cover_Aprile 2016VELA_FEBBRAIO 2016_cover_ICE 52YACHTING WORLD_cover_May 2016


Jachting_cover_Marzo 2015
Sail Magazine_cover_July 2015_800x969YACHTING WORLD_cover_August 2015








The Millenium Technology Center continues its research towards excellence in sailmaking and saildesign. Among the beautiful magazine covers published between 2015 and 2016, the best boats nominated at the Düsseldorf Boat Show are highlighted. They are all Italian, as well as the sails, which are 100% Made in Italy, built at the Millenium Technology Center in Florence.

The winner of the “European Yacht of the Year 2016” Award in Performance Cruiser category is the Solaris 50. It is an elegant and sophisticated yacht, which represents an evolutionary project after the success of the Solaris 48. In the picture the Solaris 50 “ALMAVIDA 2” is portrayed and the sails are Millenium Twaron.

The others two nominated for Performance Cruiser category are the Ice 52 and the Italia 9.98, which both represent the Italian excellence. The Ice 52 is a very modern yacht, which stands out for performance, comfort on board, and it is excellent both for challenging cruises and for racing. On the “Giornale della Vela” cover the sails are Millenium Monolithic, which is the last sail born from the Millenium Technology Centre, built with 100% microfiber carbon unidirectional fabrics. The Italia 9.98 is a sport boat, designed specifically for fun sailing and it is particularly dedicated to handicap racing (ORC and IRC) but without the preclusion of being used for short cruises. The main objective of the concept has been to find the correct balance between the different kind of use, from windward-leeward races to offshore racing or cruising. Formerly, the Italia 13.98 has won the “European Yacht of the Fare vela_cover_Agosto 2012Year 2013” Award in Luxury Cruiser category and the “ADI Nautical Design Awards” for its interior design, thus confirming the continuity of Made in Italy quality (“Fare Vela” cover, August 2012).

For further information:
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