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June 2016


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Scricca, Comet 38 S owned by Leonardo Servi (ITA31041), wins the 64th Edition of the Giraglia Rolex Cup 2016 in Overall ORC Class and wins the Challenge Nucci Novi Cup. The weather was challenging, characterised by weak winds before approaching to Corsica and high winds during the night of the 16th of June. Scricca has a full set of Millenium Carbon and Millenium Monolithic sails, with a sails plan studied with the owner.

It’s a great satisfaction to win one of the most important offshore international regattas. Thanks to the Bluone Sailing Team, which worked hard from December for Scricca: Franco Manzoli, Matteo Teglia, Claudio Arborea, Giuseppe Filippis, Roberto Innamorato, Ivan Scimonelli, Marco Attanasio, Amedeo Barbara, Niko Mascoli.” commented Leonardo Servi.

Excellent results also for other yachts with Millenium sails. Muzyca 2, X 442 owned by Simone Taiuti (ITA14013), is 8th in ORC Overall and Controcorrente, l’XP 33 owned by Luigi Buzzi (ITA3300), is 11st in ORC Overall and 1st in combined ranking in ORC Group B Class.

The Award Cerimony is taking place today at the Italian Yacht Club in Genoa.

The Millenium Technology Center staff congratulates and thanks the owners and the crews for the excellent results.

The Giraglia Rolex Cup is organised by Italian Yacht Club, in partnership with Yacht Club de France, Société Nautique de St. Tropez, Sanremo Yacht Club and Rolex. This Edition recorded a record in the registrations, with 302 sailing boats.

For further information: Italian Yacht Club

Ph. Studio Borlenghi

Monolithic revolution

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The Monolithic sails revolution is underway. After two years of R&D and three years of sails trials, the Millenium Technology Center started the sale of Monolithic sails in January, with immediate effect on the market.

Monolithic is the most advanced technology in sailmaking currently available on the worldwide market. The denomination “Monolithic” comes from monolith, because the membrane is resistant and it is built with a single mould, like a monolith. The fibers are spread to form thin layers, which are entirely built in Florence facilities, thanks to special high-tech machineries. The outcome is a sail that guarantees the best performance, both in cruising and in racing, because it is light, soft and shape holding.

As already proved from Mascalzone Latino in the last Middle Sea Race, the latest sails trials confirmed all Monolithic properties: the sails are shape holding, thanks to fibers efficiency which works 100% to loads support. Three boats were tested in the last two weeks. They are the Cookson 50 of Mascalzone Latino, the Solaris 60 Terrasavia and the Vismara V62 Mills YORU, with full inventory. The deliveries took 15 working days, followed by the sails trial.

Details of sails weight:

– RANDA             70 kgs
– JIB ROLLER     45 kgs

SOLARIS 60 Terrasavia
– RANDA            78 kgs
– JIB ROLLER    46 kgs

Cookson 50 Mascalzone Latino
– RANDA           50 kgs
– JIB 1                 28 kgs
– JIB 2                32 kgs
– JIB 3                31 kgs

“The latest sails trials went beyond expectation. The rigid sail turns into energy the loads more efficiently than a deformable sail. As a result, the boats are faster, with noticeable benefits also in cruising. In other words, Monolithic is softer, lighter and more performing than any other sail in the market. We are highly satisfied with the product success on the market. That’s the evidence that our investments in R&D, which started more than thirty years ago, have an essential value in this industry and for the owners.” Marco Holm and Davide Innocenti, managers of Millenium Technology Center, and Marco Savelli, supervisor of Monolithic project.

Ph. Andrea Carloni

Take Five Jr. won Città di Monfalcone Cup and Marinas Cup

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Take Five Jr, Italia Yachts 9.98 owned by Brenno Dal Pont (YCPSR) and recently launched, won two important Cups. The boat, with Millenium full inventory, is attending the ORC circuit in Alto Adriadico, in prospect to the 2017 ORC world championship. The trimmer is Federico Boldrin and Roberto Distefano is the tactic supervisor.

Take Five Jr began her season with the ORC Event in Città di Monfalcone, organised by Società Velica Oscar Cosulich di Monfalcone. The Italia 9.98 was 1st in Overall together with 2r nel vento, owned by Roberto Reccanello.

Take Five Jr then attended the Second Edition of Trofeo Marinas ORC on the 4th and 5th of June. The Trofeo Marinas ORC is the third step of the ORC Circuit and it is organised by Hannibal Yacht Club and Porto San Rocco Yacht Club. Take Five Jr was 1st in Overall and in C Class, followed by Sagola 60, owned by Massimo Minozzi, and by Lady Day, owned by Corrado Annis, which was the other Italia 9.98 attending the regatta. The weather was good, with 8-10 knots of libeccio. The Award Cerimony was also an opportunity to talk about the 2017 ORC world championship.

Congratulations to the owner and his crew.

Roberto Distefano is also official dealer of the Millenim Technology Center and of Italia Yachts in Trieste area. You can find contact details in our web site.

Ph. Andrea Carloni

Take Five Jr Take Five Jr_2

Monolithic sails for new Vismara V62 Mills YORU tested

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June 7, 2016, Viareggio. The first sea trial of Vismara V62_02 Mills YORU took place yesterday. The new Vismara is born from the great experience of Vismara Marine in the composite construction technology, in partnership with Mills Design, and she was launched on the 21st of May. Hull, deck and bulkheads are made of lightweight carbon fibre construction methods using leading edge design and engineering as well as must, furling boom and rigging. The project is born from the successful SuperNikka, launched in April 2015.

Vismara V62 Mills Yoru is the second Vismara yacht with Millenium Monolithic sails, after the V56 Mills, launched in March. The Monolithic sails are built in Florence with carbon unidirectional spread fibers, thanks to special machinery constructed to spread and plot fibers, that allows to produce a whole uncut structure for the entire surface. The test proved all the features of this sails, which are resistant, high-performance and light.

For further information: Vismara Marine


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The Solaris Days, event organized by Solaris Yachts, is taking place from June 2 to 8 in Porto Rotondo. All Solaris models are available for trials. Also the Solaris Cup regatta is taking place on the 6th and 7th June. Yachts with Millenium sails are available for trials. Available models are Solaris 72, 62, 58, 48 and 42 with Millenium and Millenium Monolithic sails.

The Millenium team, with its thirty-eight experience in sailmaking and saildesign, is available for customer service and for technical advisory on sails and deck equipment. Marco Holm, Davide Innocenti, Marco Savelli and Matteo Holm are attending the event.

For further information: Solaris Yachts


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June 6, 2016, Punta Ala. Cippa Lippa 8, Cookson 50 owned by Guido Paolo Gamucci, wins the day at the Seventh Edition of 151 Miglia regatta-Celadrin Cup, which started from Livorno on the 2nd of June. The boats participating in the competition were 175 and the Cippa Lippa 8 is 1st in ORC International Class, winning the Challenge Cup. Line honours to Pendragon, owned by Nicola Paoleschi.

This edition of the 151 Miglia was difficult, with a high wind at the beginning, which decreased later, and a lot of delicate phases. Matteo Holm from the Millenium Technology Center was on board and he managed the sails programme. He commented “the regatta was challenging. We sailed close to the wind between 9 and 18 knots for 80% of the course. This victory demonstrates that we worked well on the sail plan optimisation and that Monolithic sails make a difference. It is amazing how the boat improved her performance on a bowline.

Congratulations to the owner and his crew: Francesco Diddi, Carlo Simoncelli, Daniele Andreini, Nicola Cimbro Stedile, Davide Rosa, Massimo Segnini, Riccardo Degl’innocenti, Andrea Venezian, Gabriele Bruni and Matteo Holm.

Congratulations also to other boats with Millenium sails. Scricca‬, Comet 38S owned by Leonardo Servi, is 2nd in ORC3 (partial inventory Monolithic) and Unpopergioco‬, IY 9.98 owned by Marco Balicco, is 3rd in ORC3.

To read more about the regatta and the 151 Miglia Cups: 151 Miglia Regatta

The 151 Miglia 151 Miglia regatta-Celadrin Cup is a FIV, UVAI and World Sailing event and it is organised by Punta Ala Yacht Club, Repubblica Marinara di Pisa Yacht Club, in partnership with Livorno Yacht Club, Marina di Punta Ala e Porto di Pisa. Main sponsors are Celadrin, Rigoni di Asiago, SLAM and Acqua San Bernardo. Marina di Scarlino, Tuscany region and districts of Pisa, Livorno and Castiglione della Pescaia supported the regatta.

151 Miglia 2016_Cippa Lippa 8_1151 Miglia 2016_Cippa Lippa 8_2