Millenium: the team is growing in 2017
5 January 2017

The Millenium Technology Center starts the new year growing its family, thus increasing the level of expertise and experience and consolidating its leadership in the European sailmaking market. With important victories and an extensive experience in America’s Cup and Olympic classes, Gabriele Bruni (“Ganga”) and Giuseppe Leonardi (“Paletta”) join the Millenium team. Along with Marco Holm, Davide Innocenti, Marco Savelli, Gianni Benassai, Matteo Holm and Roberto Magliulo, a team like this is one of a kind for a single sailmaker company.

“This is another important step in the Made in Italy-oriented strategy of the Center” commented Marco Holm and Davide Innocenti from the Millenium Technology Center, “the Made in Italy value has always distinguished our company philosophy. Gabriele and Giuseppe will be valuable partners thanks to their expertise and the company will improve its relationship with yachts owners.”
The Made in Italy value is one of the resons that motivated Gabriele Bruni and Giuseppe Leonardi to join the Millenium team:
“There are two main reasons that motivated us to work with the Millenium Technology Center. First, the people who established and managed the company have an extensive experience. They have participated in the main boat races for many years and their professionalism is widely recognized, both in Italy and abroad. Second, Millenium Tech is an Italian company and it produces authentic Made in Italy products, where craftsmanship and customization are the most important features. Other brands in the Italian market are American, English or New Zealander and they distribute their sails through Italian sailmakers or stores. The Millenium Technology Center is an example of authentic Italian firm, which stood out in a market where competitors are international. People who got to know us are aware of the fact that we support our products and sailors in the nautical industry. Millenium sails are beautiful, the product is one of the best in the market and the company is really close to the customers. The range of products is wide, they are suitable for every kind of yacht and the team continuously managed to be at the leading edge of innovation. In other words, Millenium Tech has a highly expert staff and owns the best sailmaking innovative technologies. The results at the latest Italian and international regattas proved that.”
GABRIELE BRUNI was born in Palermo and is sailor and sailmaker of extensive experience. He sailed in the Olympic games from 1996 to 2004 and he was World Champion in 49 Class. He participated in the America’s Cup from 2005 to 2007 in the +39 Challenge Italian Team while in 2009 and 2010 he took part in the Louis Vuitton Cup in the Azzurra Italian Team. Gabriele has also worked as a sail coach for the Italian Optimist Team (1993-1995) and for Nacra 17 for the Italian Olimpic Sailing Team (2012-2016). GIUSEPPE LEONARDI is also from Palermo and has 30 years of experience in sailing. Sailor and sailmakers, he participated in all of the main international inshore, offshore and one design regattas. In particular, he took part in: America’s Cup (Prada Italian Team in 2003 and +39 Challenge Italian Team in 2006), Mumm 36 World Championship, Farr 40 circuit, Skifft 18-feet circuit, Mumm 30 circuit, TP 52 circuit (Audi Team from 2006 to 2009), GP 42 circuit (Roma Team in 2009), Louis Vuitton Pacific Series (Shosholosa Team in 2009), Macht racing world tour, Sidney Hobart, Middle sea race, Rc 44 (Italia Team) and Sardinia cup. For further information: Due PG s.r.l. Via Papa Sergio 72 int 8 90142 Palermo Tel e fax: +39 0916374471 Marco Holm S.r.l. Sailmaker Via dei Confini 285 50010 Capalle Tel +39 055 8951219 Fax +39 055 8952634]]>