Monolithic revolution
16 June 2016

The Monolithic sails revolution is underway. After two years of R&D and three years of sails trials, the Millenium Technology Center started the sale of Monolithic sails in January, with immediate effect on the market. Monolithic is the most advanced technology in sailmaking currently available on the worldwide market. The denomination “Monolithic” comes from monolith, because the membrane is resistant and it is built with a single mould, like a monolith. The fibers are spread to form thin layers, which are entirely built in Florence facilities, thanks to special high-tech machineries. The outcome is a sail that guarantees the best performance, both in cruising and in racing, because it is light, soft and shape holding. As already proved from Mascalzone Latino in the last Middle Sea Race, the latest sails trials confirmed all Monolithic properties: the sails are shape holding, thanks to fibers efficiency which works 100% to loads support. Three boats were tested in the last two weeks. They are the Cookson 50 of Mascalzone Latino, the Solaris 60 Terrasavia and the Vismara V62 Mills YORU, with full inventory. The deliveries took 15 working days, followed by the sails trial. Details of sails weight: VISMARA V62 Mills YORU: – RANDA             70 kgs – JIB ROLLER     45 kgs SOLARIS 60 Terrasavia – RANDA            78 kgs – JIB ROLLER    46 kgs Cookson 50 Mascalzone Latino – RANDA           50 kgs – JIB 1                 28 kgs – JIB 2                32 kgs – JIB 3                31 kgs “The latest sails trials went beyond expectation. The rigid sail turns into energy the loads more efficiently than a deformable sail. As a result, the boats are faster, with noticeable benefits also in cruising. In other words, Monolithic is softer, lighter and more performing than any other sail in the market. We are highly satisfied with the product success on the market. That’s the evidence that our investments in R&D, which started more than thirty years ago, have an essential value in this industry and for the owners.” Marco Holm and Davide Innocenti, managers of Millenium Technology Center, and Marco Savelli, supervisor of Monolithic project. Ph. Andrea Carloni]]>