Roma per 1/2/Tutti: Millenium boats
7 April 2016

April 7, 2016, Riva di Traiano. The XXIII Edition of the ‘Roma per 1/2/Tutti’ is about to start. This is the first and maybe the hardest trial of the Italian Offshore Championship 2016. The boats participating in the competition are 64 (registrations are still open) and there are several boats with Millenium sails among them. These boats are well prepared, followed by the Millenium Technology Center staff who has more than thirty years of experience in design and technology for sailmaking. The company mission is, in fact, to provide a custom made technology for each client. The boats with Millenium sails are: Roma per 2: AERONAUTICA MILITARE (ITA 16507) Vismara 46, owner Raffaele Giannetti- Partial Inventory Roma per Tutti: LIBERTINE (ITA 15145) Comet 45S, owner Marco Paolucci – Full Inventory CIPPA LIPPA 8 (ITA 4888) Cookson 50, owner Guido Paolo Gamucci – Full Inventory SCRICCA (ITA 31041) Comet 38S, owner Leonardo Servi – Full Inventory MUZYKA 2 (ITA 14013) X 442, owner Simone Taiuti – Full Inventory DEMON X (ITA 15338) X 35, owner Nicola Borgatello – Partial Inventory The start will be on Sunday, April 10 at 12 p.m. from Riva di Traiano. Furthermore, lots of events and artistic performances will take place at the harbor in the morning. The course of Roma per 1/2/Tutti will be 530 miles “no stop” Riva di Traiano/Ventotene/Lipari/Riva di Traiano. Follow the regatta: Roma per 1/2/Tutti (website) Muzyka_Roma per tutti_2016Porto_Roma per tutti_2016]]>