Millenium Monolithic for Vismara V56 Mills
14 March 2016

Sail plan A great sailing yacht, with such great features deserves a rig of the maximum quality, which means a carbon fibre mast, with a park avenue boom, carbon fiber rigging and rod staysail. The vang, backstay and mainsail track are all hydraulically adjustable whilst sail handling is accomplished effortlessly via two electric winches. The combination of automation and the high quality carbon fiber sandwich hull ensures a feel to the yacht of perfect harmony with the elements whilst allowing her to be sailed to her very best with only the smallest of a crews. The Millenium Technology Centre built the sails: the partnership with Vismara has the purpose to provide sails designed around the client’s specific needs. The Millenium Monolithic sails, with carbon unidirectional spread fibers, was tested during the Middle Sea Race. They are resistant, high-performance and light sails, ideal for a boat that aim to be the perfect sailing yacht, to navigate and to live in. Thanks to special machinery specially constructed to spread and plot fibers, Millenium Monolithic technology allows to produce a whole uncut structure for the entire surface, with a 100% balanced structure.]]>